Kids and Homework – Ending the Homework Wars

As a parent, you know that homework is important for tweens – after all, this is the time when the stakes at school amp up – and setting the foundation for good study habits is crucial.  But getting this high energy to sit still can be a real challenge.  If you feel at a loss about how you can help your kids with homework, here are some some tips that may ease the homework challenges.

Kids-and-homeworkKids and Homework – Not an Oxymoron

1. Schedule it in

Let your kids know that you think homework is important by scheduling it in. One way to do that is to have a designated “homework time.” This kind of routine can be very helpful for kids, and also establishes homework as an important task with its own allotted time.

Having a designated homework time also gives you more flexibility. That may seem ironic, but you and your child get to decide how many hours are needed, and what time of day those hours can come out of.  Involve your tween in the decision as well – this can be very motivational – and makes it less about the parent telling the child what to do and more about the child working with you to solve a problem.

Another tip about the scheduling – consider setting aside an “academic time” rather than just “homework time.” For example, if your child knows he or she has to spend an hour doing something learning-related, he or she will probably be less likely to hurry carelessly through a homework assignment just to get it done.  If she finishes homework early she must still use the rest of the time for academic “stuff” – not getting to watch TV or surf the Internet.
2. Check it over

Make it a routine to look over your kids’ homework assignments. You don’t have to nit-pick, but just see that the homework is completed and that there are no glaringly obvious errors.

3. Get to know the teacher

Try to find out your child’s teacher’s expectations regarding homework, so that you can help your child reach those specific goals. It may be surprising how much teachers can differ in their homework expectations.

4. Quiet time

Homework/academic time should be free from noisy distractions if at all possible. Don’t settle down with homework assignments near the telephone, television, or computer, for instance (unless the homework assignment requires research on the computer).  At the same time, most tweens still need some guidance when doing their homework  – so sending them to their room unsupervised is not a good idea.  If younger siblings are around, have them do something quiet at the same time.

5. Quiet place

Choose a special place for homework. Your tween will look forward to her homework nook if it’s set up right. While guarding against distractions, you can set up the area to have snacks, drinks (even a mini fridge), comfy chairs or cushions, a special desk or table, and so forth.


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Back to School Tips – Staying On Schedule

Use a Monthly Homework Calendar
Use a Monthly Homework Calendar

Hey tweens – it’s GirlMogul here with some more tips on back to school.  Today I am going to give you some awesome tips on how to keep track of your school schedule – after all, if the difference between doing ok in school and better in school, was simply being more organized – rather than studying more, wouldn’t you be all over it?

  • Make a daily checklist – write down all your homework assignments in a planner or a little notebook and cross off each one when you finish (it’s such a GREAT feeling!) If something doesn’t get done – don’t sweat it – just move it to the list for the next day.
  • Set up a weekly chart – Create a simple grid for each week – you can draw it yourself or do it on the computer.  Put the name of each subject in the left column and the days of the week across the top  — then fill in all your homework assignments and t0-dos for the week.  Tape the chart to your homework folder on Sunday night and you’ll always know what you have to focus on
  • Map out  the month – some homework assignments overlap weeks, so don’t forget to put your big deadlines and activities for the month on a wall calendar – you can even use fun stickers or symbols to mark important events so they stand out.   You can put this calendar where the whole family can see it so your parents can track your schedule too!

So – how easy peasy it is to keep yourself organized.  Next up you’ll get GirlMogul Rose’s fullproof tips on how to use a planner.  Till next time.

Posted by GirlMogul Rose
Posted by GirlMogul Rose

Get Ready for Back to School – Homework Tips

Use a Goal Checklist
Use a Goal Checklist

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s almost back to school time and here are a few more tips on how to make dealing with all of the school stuff a breeze – I mean if just a few organizational tips made school that much easier (and a cinch to grab a higher grade or two) wouldn’t it be worth it?  (Check out our first post here) After all it’s not like I’m telling you to go study or anything like that!  Ok, so here are my tips for handling those long-term homework assignments:

  • First Off – Jump right in – just because the due date for that Spanish project is a week or so away, doesn’t mean you should leave it to the last minute.  You should get started on it stat – because, trust me, just knowing you’ve started will help kill that overwhelmed feeling
  • Break it Down – sure you know you should start now – but how?  Start by breaking the project into smaller steps or tasks and start tackling them 1,2, 3 – maybe first up is researching your subject, next up is writing a draft of your presentation and third up is pulling together all the pictures for it…
  • Pace Yourself – figure out how many days you have until the project is due – and don’t count weekends, unless you’re really going to work – and then divide the project into as many mini-goals as your have days to finish – for instance if you have to read a whole book for a book report, divide up the number of chapters by days – but be sure to leave a day or two to write the report
  • Check your List – keep a checklist of your goals so you can track your progress to the deadline – remember if one of the tasks took longer than you thought, be sure to adjust your goals to fit into the time you have left….

So see – even those long term project are no big deal with these tips – next up I’ll show you how to manage your schedule.

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

Get Smart for Back to School

Get Organized for Back to School
Get Organized for Back to School

Ok, tween girls, it’s almost time for back to school and as you know, it’s super important to stay on top of all you have to do if you want to be a superstar student – I mean after all if it took to get some great grades were a few simple organizational tips – wouldn’t that be cool.  So I’m here to give you a quick run-down on just what you need to ace school…

For dealing with your daily dose of homework:

  • Gather your supplies – set up a special homework area – like the desk in your room or your corner of the family room, and stock it with everything you need, from pencils, to pens to that ruler.  Even if you’re not in the same place every day, get a cute basket and or box and stock it up so it can move with you
  • Get Listy – make a list of allyour homework assignments in the order you need to do them.  Start with the Most Important One First.  And if you find something super boring, definitely don’t leave it until last when you’ll be tempted to quit.
  • Take Short Breaks – A short – and I don’t mean a whole iCarly episode – break will actually help your brain work better. You can even use a kitchen timer and set it for a five minute break between homework tasks.  But when that buzzer rings, get right back at your desk.
  • Pack Your Pack – when you’ve finished all your homework – take a deep breath, and then pack your bag with everything – from your homework assignments to your gym clothes for the next day in your book bag.   Leave it by the door or in the same place every night and in the morning you can focus on picking out your outfit rather than searching all over for what you need.

So GirlMoguls – don’t sweat the school stuff – next up I’ll give you more of my academic back to school whiz gal tips….

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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