Stack O’Fun B-Day Present

“Stack O’ Fun B-day Present”

Hey GirlMoguls – we have a cool craft from our friend Ruby over at  Check out this cool DIY project that makes an awesome birthday present for your BFF!

Ruby’s Tool Kit: assortment of boxes, wrapping paper, bow, tap hot glue gun, scissors


1. Reuse an assortment of gift boxes. Wrap the boxes and the lids separate in colorful gift wrap.


2. Secure each box to the lid of the box below with hot glue.


3. Top the present with a colorful bow. Fill each box with craft materials. After the party it makes for great storage:)


Viola – You’re done!



DIY Craft for Tweens – Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

make-it-rubyHey GirlMoguls – it’s our friend Make it Ruby back with another DIY project – a totally fab, easy and cheap (but not cheap looking) birthday present for your BFF!  So check out this week’s project from Make it Ruby – and don’t forget to head on over to her own site and check out even more fun DIY crafts.

DIY Craft - Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet
DIY Craft - Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

“Happy B-day Candy Bouquet”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: small flower pot, gift cards, tissue paper, floral foam, plastic fork, construction paper, candy, hot glue gun, Safety First: Always have an adult supervise when using a hot glue gun

1. Repurpose a small flower pot. Hole punch an assortment of gift cards & thread pretty ribbon through it.

2. Secure ribbon to the flower pot with hot glue. Place a small block of floral foam in the pot. Cover it with tissue paper & fill the pot with candy.

3. Make a B-day card out of construction paper & use plastic fork to display it. This gift makes for a sweet treat!

DIY Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch

DIY Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch
DIY Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch

Hey GirlMoguls – we have another cool guest DIY post from Make it Ruby – so, get out your glue gun and get going…Girls, you have a new friend named Ruby here to show you some easy steps for a variety of DIY projects for your room, clothes, school locker and more. is a destination web site created just for you. With materials readily found around the house, you’ll spend no more than $5 on each of these simple to make projects. Best thing yet, Ruby is all about her 3 R’s -reuse, renew, and repurpose – encouraging us all to be mindful of waste and challenging us to be eco-minded bffs.

“Candy Stripe Lip Gloss Pouch”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: all purpose tacky glue, scissors, recycled greeting cards, decorative jewels, hot glue gun, Safety First: Always have an adult supervise when using a hot glue gun

1.     Renew a small plastic make-up pouch that does not have decorative accents.

2.     Recycle your old greeting cards & cut out the design directly from the cards. Attach decorative design with an all purpose tacky glue.

3.     Apply decorative jewels with hot glue. Make sure to let them dry. Your BFF will be sure to scream when she sees her sweet holiday surprise.