January Book Club – 2nd Book Pick

The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts
The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts

Hey GirlMoguls – this time we’re doing two book picks for January, both around cool science girls. Fat Cat is our main book pick, and you can win a copy over here…. Fat Cat is a super cool book and is great if you’re an advanced reader… but if you’re just starting out or a bit younger (hey we don’t mind), then you might want to read the alternate selection – The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts: Dumped by Popular Demand. This time our intrepid main character, Dorie, a budding scientist is determined to use her move to a new town to crack the social code – to see if she can manage to ensure her popularity by dressing the right way, acting the right way, and of course getting the cutest boy in school to love her and leave her…but what happens when she realizes that being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when her real feelings for her “fake” boyfriend start to get in the way?

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