Halloween Scavenger Game

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Craft
Halloween Scavenger Hunt Craft

Hey GirlMoguls! Our friend Ruby from www.makeitruby.com has another cool Halloween theme\d craft for us to enjoy. So check out this cool scavenger game – perfect for those Halloween parties!

“Halloween Scavenger Party Game”
Ruby’s Tool Kit: cereal box 4 the tombstones, tissue box for the base,
skeleton bones (one complete skeleton per guest)

1. Place tombstones at different locations at your party. Each grave
holds one of the bones needed to complete a skeleton.
2. Ask guests to find and collect a bone at each location. After your
guest have collected all the bones have them decorate them with paint,
glitter and jewels.
3. Hang them as a decorations or give them as a party favor.

Crafts for Tweens – Blue Jean Purse

Fun Crafts for Tweens - Make a Blue Jean Purse
Fun Crafts for Tweens - Make a Blue Jean Purse

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s crafty Daisy here, with another cool little craft you can make at home.  I bet you have a pair or two of old jeans lying around that you’re just not sure what to do with.  So why don’t you turn them into a cool purse that’s an expression of your own style.

Here’s how:

Step 1: using the waistband of the jeans as the opening, cut the legs off a bit longer than you want the purse to be.  If you have to go past the inseam, then just cut across and split the inseam – you can sew the flaps together later.

Step 2: Next  turn the jeans inside out, sew across the bottom of the legs to seal off the purse.  to seal off the bag.  You may have to sew up the inseam as well.

Step 3: Make your straps – cut strips of fabric from the remainder of the jeans to make the straps of the purse and then sew those onto the waistband.

Step 4:  To make a closing for the top, you could add a zipper, some velcro, or a button.

Step 5: Go glitzy – now it’s time to decorate your bag – add press on fabric jewels, patches and other fun stuff to make your bag truly cool.

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy
Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

NEW DIY Project – Make a Difference Aluminum Water Bottle

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s our friend Make it Ruby here and she has a brand new project  for us – a cool eco friendly aluminum water bottle so you can stop toting around those environmentally unfriendly plastic bottle.  So get going and get green and check out the: “Make A Difference Aluminum Water Bottle”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: aluminum water bottle, permanent markers, ribbon, beads, decorative jewels, all-purpose tacky glue

savetheworldwaterbottle1. Renew a plain aluminum water bottle & make a difference:) Draw your pattern or design directly on your aluminum water bottle with permanent markers.

2. Choose eco conscious symbols that work with your design & be sure to add your name to the design to show you take pride in taking care of planet Earth.

3. Attach two pieces of pretty ribbon to the carabineer clip. Glue beads & decorative jewels to the ribbon to add the perfect finishing touch:)



Be sure to check out more fun DIY projects just for you at http://www.makeitruby.com