Halloween Tween Craft – Fashionista Kitty Purse

Hey GirlMoguls – Here’s a great Halloween Craft from our friends at MakeitRuby.com – a site filled with awesome fun (and cheap) crafts for you to do!
Fashionista Kitty Purse

Ruby’s Tool Kit: stuffed Halloween kitten purse, plastic purse pouch, safety pins

Tween Halloween Purse
Tween Halloween Purse
1. Repurpose a stuffed kitten pillow or any Halloween themed pillow that will make for the perfect accessory.
2. Attach a plastic coin purse to the back from inside the coin purse with safety pins so they are hidden.
3. Use a colored plastic coin purse that blends. This Halloween kitten purse is purrrrrrrfect to hold your lipgloss and money!