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Ok girls, so usually I am not that beauty stuff, because hey, you know, beauty is only skin deep. However I did get a copy of Girl in Fix – Quick Beauty Solutions and thought is was kinda neat, especially because they gave me the scientific reason why a something would fix oily hair. And hey – you gals all I know, I love anything to do with science. And Girl in a Fix is a great book for several several reasons — it’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, it actually has QUICK and on-the-go fixes for daily problems, and it explains why they work. What else does a girl need?

Somer Flaherty and Jen Kollmer combined with Zest books to co-author this awesome guide. The book covers all the annoying problems you could have that could really ruin a good day. For example, it gives you solutions to issues such as oily hair, dark circles, split ends, rough cuticles, dry skin, and much more. What I personally liked best about the layout was that is gave you a quick fix to the aforementioned problem, and then told you why it worked. We all hear about those remedies from everything to face blemishes to dying hair, but I never try any of them because I trust that they work. Here, I get the scientific reason for why these home remedies work, which makes me understand the process. I also liked how the “fixes” the authors provide are money-saving as well. Especially in this economy, I need the make a big bang for my buck. Here’s an example of one of my favorite tips from the book, with some summarizing by me:

Problem: Split Ends
Solution: Take a few avocados, and mash them up in a bowl until it looks like a thick paste “or really good guacamole”. Rub the concoction into the hair, especially the ends. Leave on for 30 minutes, the shampoo and you’re done!
Why It Works: “Natural oils in avocado merge the split ends together and keep them glued in place through a few washes. This gives you a chance to postpone that haircut until you have a little extra cash flow.”

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No books means no school – but that's not a good thing

Hi GirlMoguls, I was just found out about something terrible. Millions of textbooks that were promised to small schools in Afgahantistan haven’t been delivered, and students who really want to learn can’t. I know, I know, that may not sound terrible, especially if you can’t wait for summer vacation, but I thin sometime we forget and take for granted the fact that here in the United States – everyone gets to go to school, even if they don’t really want to. In poor countries like Afghanistan, children often don’t get to go to school because their families need them to start work at an early age. And you know what’s even worse – a lot of time, families won’t send their daughters to school at all – only their sons, because they don’t think girls need to be able to read and write. How terrible is that!

Even though some textbooks were printed and distributed to schools — some of which are held in tents, it turns out the books are poorly made – they keep falling apart, and sometimes the pages are printed upside down. Over 45 million text books were supposed to be delivered to schools in Afghanistan, paid for with money donated by the United Nations and agencies from the United States and Denmark. But it tool a long time to write the textbooks, then to publish them and somewhere, along the way, fewer textbooks than expected were printed and delivered. Hmm – something smells fishy to me. Some people think that the money that was given to make and print textbooks went missing along the way – and into other people’s pockets. This is a form of corruption – when money meant for one purpose is diverted (or stolen) by government officials and used for themselves. Again, how terrible it that I say!

Well no kid should go without an education – at least that’s what I think. So I am going to stay on this story until I figure out what happened. I’ll keep you posted. You can see more about it here .

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Dowry – Too High a Price to Pay for Love

Hey Girls, it’s GirlMogul lily here, and I was doing some more research into money as part of my mom’s FLL (Financial Literacy Lessons). I was deep into reading about how people changed over from using gold coins to using paper money when I came across something called a dowry. Did you know in the old days, when a man and woman and got married, it was expected that a woman would bring money to the husband as part of her marriage? Sounds sort of like women had to pay men to marry them, but it really started because the money was supposed to help the man take care of his new family. If anything happened to him, the money was supposed to be there to help his wife support herself and their children. The dowry was paid by the bride’s family, and the bigger dowry they could afford to pull together, the better “match” their daughter could attract.
And in this case, better, meant richer. A In the olden days, marriages were more about two families combing their assets (or money) so they could become even richer, and more secure. Dowries weren’t always made up of money. Sometimes land would be given as part of a dowry. In fact, back in 1661, when King Charles II of England married Princess Catherine, a Portuguese Princess, her family gave two cities (Mumbai and Tangiers) as part of the dowry. Now that’s some wedding present!

Most of the time, back then, it seems like marriage didn’t have much to do with love at all! Of course that’s different today –marriages are supposed to be about love, but my mom says that it’s still important for both people to have a good understanding of money and where they stand financially before the get married.

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Why do people wear big sunglasses & other fashion questions?

Hello! I wanted to share with you all today about a new area or business that I think is interesting. I have been developing an interest in fashion. I don’t just mean what kind of t-shirt and jeans I’m putting on. I mean I am taking an interest in how things actually get started. For example, who came up with the idea to wear huge sunglasses that cover half your face? Who decided it was a good idea to only wear white pants during the summer? I was thinking about these questions and realized that people in the fashion world, ones like designers and magazine editors, make a living on being creative and thinking of what direction to take the fashion world in. It’s cool to think of clothing almost as a canvas, where someone can “paint” an idea with clothing! That is basically what these people do. Designers use their creative and knowledge to create clothing like pieces of art. I think a quote from Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda, in The Devil Wears Prada sums up the way fashion affects everyone, where she explains to the assistant Andy that when Andy picks out a blue sweater in the morning, it is not just blue. The blue of the sweater is actually a color called cerulean, one which a designer showed in 2002. After, another designer showed it on the runway, then onto to more shows. After that, it showed in department stores and malls across the country. When Andy laughs at how seriously Miranda takes picking out clothes for an issue of a magazine, Miranda states, “that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and so it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff.”
Furthermore, the quote from the movie, based on the book The Devil Wears Prada, proves that fashion includes jobs from all walks of life. I was shocked to find out that all kinds of jobs are used in the fashion world, and everyone contributes- from the engineers compiling digital images for magazines like Vogue, to marketing and advertising agents who have to be really creative and come up with ideas to advertise new clothing every season from the same designer. It’s cool to me to think that I can be a savvy businesswoman, but still be involved in something that I have an interest in, like fashion. Ultimately, designers have businesses. Therefore, fashion boils down to business. Even these businesses need CEO’s and consultants, and maybe, one day, I will be one of them. Being a strong businesswoman can apply to all types of areas in the job market, even those in big fashion brands. I hope to continue my interest by actually making some things on my own, and I will post about them. So keep checking back, as I start some new “Do It Yourself” posts in fashion!
Do you have any great do it yourself fashion ideas? Let me know with a comment below!