Princesses for Real

Hey GirlMoguls – unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that there’s a pretty big wedding happening over in Merry ole England. Prince William, the heir to the throne of England is marrying Kate Middleton (who is not a princess or royalty of any kind – ’cause she wasn’t born that way).

While everyone is speculating over the flavor of the wedding cake and what the bride will wear (we’re umm guessing it’s a dress), we thought you might want to hear about some real princesses – (ok so Kate will be a real Princess, but in case you haven’t noticed, royals these days don’t have that much to do — most countries with princes and princesses also have other forms of elected government.)

Maybe when you were a little girl, you dreamed of becoming a princess – by marrying a prince…or being discovered by a fairy godmother or some other sort of magic.  And well, then you grew up, and you probably realized that the openings for princesses are pretty few and far between – and it looks like one is just about to get taken.

Besides – do you know what princesses do all day – well neither do we…in fact, being a princess today seems a lot less interesting than it used to be.  In case you haven’t noticed, most kings and queens – and princesses – and been pushed aside in favor of presidents, premiers and prime ministers…all forms of elected government.

Good news is that you don’t have to be born a president – or marry one to become one – you can get there all on your own.  But it takes hard work, skill, brains…you know real stuff.

Which is why we thought you might like to take some lessons from the past – from real queens and princesses – who ruled lands, directed economies, negotiated treaties and led armies – pretty cool – huh.  Sure they probably had nicer clothes than everyone else, but that wasn’t all they cared about.

To help us learn all about these power women of yore, we’re digging deep into a new book series for tweens, called the Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Real Princesses by ShirinYim.  In this series, she profiles 6 kick booty rulers from the past.  So in honor of the royal wedding, we’re featuring  the 6 princesses in this series.  Each is the subject of a book by Shirin Yim Bridges that you can buy on Amazon or at any fine bookstore.

Princess Hatshepsut of Egypt

Princess Hatshepsut was the daughter of a Pharaoh, born around 1500 BC. She had two older brothers, but both died before they could claim the throne.  Her father, the king had quite a problem on his hand…in Ancient Egypt women couldn’t rule.  So he married her to one of her half brothers (icky to us, but normal for Egyptian royalty).  After the death of her “husband” Hatshepsut became Pharaoh in her own right, even dressing like a man to make sure her subjects got the idea who was really in charge.

Hatshepsut ruled for many years and helped make Egypt one of the richest countries in the ancient world – by building up trade with other countries instead of fighting wars.  She ruled for 22 years, but after her death, her name mysteriously vanished from history, until it was uncovered by modern scholars.

While there are many theories about why, the most probable is that the Ancient Egyptians weren’t too keen on having another Queen – so they pretended like it had never happened…Well, thanks goodness for modern day Egyptologists and their unveiling of Hatshepsut….you can get the book here….Hatshepsut of Egypt – The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Real Princesses

To Come and Go Like Magic

In this great tween book, Chilli learns that even though she yearns to leave her boring old 1970s Appalachian town behind, there’s still plenty of beauty to found in the people and the land all around.

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If Life Were an Outfit…Win Some Clothes

Your Life as An Outfit
Your Life as An Outfit

Hey GirlMoguls – we have a friend – Katia Raina , formerly of the Soviet Union and now an author and writer living in New Jersey.  As a girl growing up in a distant land (read more about her here), Katia believed in magic mirrors and the power of words.   She loves GirlMoguls of all ages and wanted to give you a shout out to all of you and post a question to you – read on and be sure to add a comment in the in the sections below.  We’ll pick a winner – randomly, and send them a gift card to the Justice….

Hey girl moguls! I wish there were websites like these when I was a tween! But when I was a tween (about twenty years ago), I don’t think there was even such a thing as a website.

Isn’t it funny how in those faraway ages you are learning about in social studies classes, the times used to move so-o slo-o-wly.  If you look at the earliest known civilization – the Sumerians – in the Middle East – or if you look at the Egyptians, how fast did their change happen? I actually looked it up in a book called “Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events.” In 3,500 B.C., the Sumerian writing consisted of about 2,000 hieroglyphs, or characters. A thousand years later – the number of characters used went down to about 550. In Egypt, meanwhile, in the year 4,000 B.C. they played harps and flutes. A thousand years later, they moved on to lyres and double clarinets.

I am not minimizing these people’s amazing progress, just saying everything took longer. Or maybe it just feels this way from the distance of many years?

Anyway, do you go through these changes, the way the world does? Do you find that when you were a little kid, you were always pretty much the same person over the years, but now the changes accelerate? Last year, were you super-shy and unsure, and then, did you become this hurricane, involved in everything, a friend-magnet, a science maniac?

I grew up half the world across from you, in the Soviet Union, a country that’s not even there anymore, at least not as a political entity. I’ve gone through all these changes in school. From introverted, scared-of-everything-and-everyone, I went to what my best friend and I gleefully called “the queen of the class” where suddenly I found myself in the middle of every friendship or intrigue you could imagine (please note, I did keep up with my grades at the same time! J) Then, another year passed, and I found myself on the fringes of  the school’s “cool society” again; spawned by my first love, laughed at by people I thought were my “comrades” . . . only I didn’t care that much . . . by then I was preparing for my move to America!!!

Change through life is natural as the shortening and lengthening of days through the year. It’s like we try on these personas as though they were costumes. The boy-crazy me, the driven me, the athlete me, the planet’s protector me, the book-obsessed me, the girl-mogul me. J Then, when we find the accessories we like, we keep them, and move on to another costume, until we construct an outfit that is uniquely ours.

For example, here is what I’ve got so far. If my life were an outfit, I’d be wearing jeans for the adventurist, jeans because I’m neither a doctor nor a lawyer, but I’d have some frilly little lace things and patches of faux leather stuck all over them. I’d be wearing a turtleneck sweater covered with writings and newsprint. Plus, glasses, for the nerd, the college student and the aspiring teacher that I am. Finally, my leather cap, to remind myself of my Soviet past, and my writing J  And my outfit would be smeared with chocolate and dusted with flour all over. Because, well, I am a mom of two, and I happen to love making desert on Friday nights – if I have time, that is J

How about you, girl-moguls? Now, fast-forward twenty years. What do you hope to be “wearing?

Tell us in the comments below and we’ll randomly pick a winner for a $25 gift card to Justice!

And you can read more about Katia at her blog –