PopFlowers – the new way to make a bouquet

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Daisy here, your DIY girl. You know I’m all about fashion (reluctantly) and DIY projects. I love adding my personal touch to anything, from mailboxes to clothes! So, I found this cute kit you can get in order to add your personal touch around the house. They are called PopFlowers, and basically include materials to make a personal, handmade bouquet. You can put them anywhere, from a parent’s office desk to your kitchen table to your hair as a cute accessory!
What I liked about this kind of project is that there is something unique about it/ They are not just pieces of paper you put together to look like a flower. They are very stylized, which is why they’re called PopFlowers. They ar e inspired by 1960’s pop art and artists like Andy Warhol. The flowers look whimsical and fun, which makes them a great looking present or accessory. I totally love the style, and think you will too. The kits are also affordable, as the prices start at $17.99.
These kits let you make your own eco-friendly no maintenance bouquet from die-cut stems. They even customize orders so you can make your dream flower! You don’t have to water them, or give them sunlight. They’re everlasting all on their own. I decided I can use the versatility to put them on my school pens, and chain them together to decorate my room. Check them out at www.popflowershop.com.

DaisyPosted by GirlMogul Daisy