What did the Obama Daughters do over the long weekend?

Like most of you, you probably had off for President’s Day this past Monday? What is President’s Day? It’s an official holiday to celebrate all the past presidents of the United States. It used to be that we celebrate two President’s birthdays in February – George Washington, the first President of the United States, and Abraham Lincoln, who was President during the Civil War. Both were born in February. But then in 1971, President Nixon combined the two holidays into one and made it more general celebration of Presidents. But most people still associate the holiday with Presidents Washington and Lincoln.

Obama Family goes to Chicago for Long Weekend
Obama Family goes to Chicago for Long Weekend
So what did you do for the long weekend? Malia and Sasha Obama went with their parents and grandmother back to their hometown of Chicago for the long weekend. The Obamas are from the city of Chicago and have a house right in the town. Most presidents usually have a retreat someplace in the country that they like to escape to, but President Obama says that’s not for him and he plans to return home to Chicago with his family every few weeks.

The girls got to hang out at home and visit their old friends – we be they talked about how cool it is to sleep in the White House!

Tell us what you did for the long weekend below.

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Malia Obama's Secret Service nickname

Malia Obama is the eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. She was born on July 4th 1998 – she’ll be turning 11 this year. Malia likes soccer, dance and theatre arts and takes tennis lessons. On Malia’s 10th birthday, Malia and her family gave an interview to Access Hollywood as part of her father’s campaign for the Presidency. In it we learned that Malia would be excited to decorate her new room in the White House and that she loves ice cream. We also hear that she loves the Jonas Brother’s and was invited by Harry Potter to visit the set of the newest movie!

Malia and her sister have been promised a puppy as a gift by their parents. Unfortunately Malia is allergic to dog dander, so the search for the perfect First Dog has been limited to dogs that are hypoallergenic. And Malia’s mom, First Lady Michelle Obama has also said that they wait until the family settles in their new home before bringing a dog to the White House.

Malia and her sister attend the Sidwell Friends School, a Quaker private school in the DC-area. Sidwell Friends has been a favorite of presendiatial children, including Chelsea Clinton. Also the grand-daughters of Vice President Joseph Biden attend the school.
Malia’s Secret Service nickname: Radiance.

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