Quote of the Day – Who Are You?

Figuring Out Who You Are!
Figuring Out Who You Are!

“Figuring Out Who You Are is the whole point of the human


– Anna Quindlen, newspaper columnist, novelist

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Lily here. I picked the topic of self-awareness for my quote. Self-awareness is when you’re tune with yourself. It means you know what you like about yourself, what your proud of and what’s important to you – like studying for a test, so you can do well, , rather than blowing off school to hang out with your friends – and possibly ruining your chances of going to college.
When you’re aware of what’s important to you, you’re more likely to know how to make the right decision when something comes up – like the aforementioned dilemma above.

Ok, so this pretty much sums it up, right. I mean if you know who you are, you’ll know about what you’re meant to be, you’re purpose. Because I do believe that we all have a purpose. And no, that doean’t mean we’re all destined to be the winners of American Idol. But it does mean we have need to figure out what we’re good at, what we like to do, and work on doing that – and hopefully, help others in the process – even if it means just putting a smile on someone’s face because we went out of our way to smile or being extra nice.
Sometimes though, it seems like everyone is telling us to be the exact opposite of who we are. Like let’s say you’re pretty good at math. You like and it makes sense to you. You also like to explain it to others and you’re the girl everyone comes to with a question about math homework. But then some people start to say math is lame, and only for geeks. And then you get all self-conscious and get worried about being labeled a loser cause you like math. So you stop answering questions in class. You even flub your homework or a big test just to show everyone that you’re not a math geek. Sure, you’re cool again –but how did that really feel?
Bet it didn’t feel so good right – your heart and your brain’s telling you to go forth and multiply (and divide and subtract), but you’re fighting it just to fit in. See you’re not being true to yourself and you can bet that’s going to be stressing you out.
So that’s why figuring out who you are is so important – so you can choose to do what makes you happy – deep down inside, even if it’s not cool. If it feels wrong, it probably isn’t for you. So don’t be afraid – listen to that voice inside of you and figure out who YOU are…

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