Disney’s Prep and Landing – Review

Disney's Prep and Landing
Disney's Prep and Landing

Hey GirlMoguls! So, the end of the year is nearing, and I’m sure all you are getting ready for Winter Break (I know I am!). The one thing I love about this season are the super-fun holiday shows that come on, mainly on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. This year, however, they are showing a Disney mini-series about the holidays on their main ABC channel. It’s called Disney’s Prep and Landing and it debuted on December 8. It comes on at Tuesdays at 8:30 pm on ABC, and will continue for a few episodes.

The show is about a superior squad of elves called “Prep and Landing”, and their adventures in prepping houses for the Big Guy on Christmas Eve. I know the premise of the show may sound too young for girls like us, but I thought the way they portrayed the story was really clever. John Lassester, the main man behind Pixar Studios (the guys who made movies Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and recently, UP!), is the producer of this show as well. I think he does a really great job of incorporating themes and humor that everyone can enjoy, which he does in his movies, too. I don’t know anyone who didn’t laugh and cry while watching the newest Pixar film, UP.

Anyway, I think Prep and Landing falls into a line of great Disney animation. The graphics were great, and their portrayal of the North Pole and the elves was whimsical, fun, and sophisticated. I found the 30 minute segment to be really funny and something you can even watch with your parents to get into the holiday mood. The show included really quirky things like the elite elves having gingerbread men that can detect the amount of creatures stirring (how cute!) and detections for the presents the kids will get, and whether they can fit under the tree. The story surrounds a veteran elf of the prep and landing squad, named Wayne, and how he is expecting a promotion out of the squad. Little does he know that he is actually put with a new elf right out of Kringle Academy, and is left to teach him the ways. The fall into a lot of mishaps, but provide a good amount of jokes along the way. I recommend this show to all of you who are ready for the holidays and looking for some light humor!

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