DIY Microbead Manicure is here

Fresh manicure
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Have you been dying to try a microbead manicure – well then look no further than this cool little tutorial we found – enjoy!

Microbead Manicure Tutorial | Tween Crafts – Connecting Mom and


I stumbled upon the “Caviar Manicure” lately, and knew I had to try my own DIY version. And who better to be my guinea pigs than two tweens who w…


Interview with DragonFly Girl Gear Founder


DragonFly Girl GearHey GirlMoguls – today we have a real girl mogul for you, a mom who started her own company – and was inspired by you – real life girls who love sports.  Read on for our interview with: MaryAnne Gucciardi, President and Founder of Dragonfly girlgear™.  You can check out their gear at:

Or with your parent’s permission, check out this cool giveaway on our mom site:

  1. Why did you start THIS kind of company – why did you feel that girls needed special sports gear? I started Dragonfly girlgear™ out of personal need.  My daughter plays soccer and I was having a difficult time finding good fitting performance wear for girls.  I realized I was not alone with this need.  I was listening to another mom on the way home from a soccer tournament about how her daughter needed appropriate performance (wicking) wear and how hard it was to find something that fit well.  That’s when I had an “aha” moment – I realized I could do something about this.  That was March 2009 and a few months later the Un-Tee™ was developed and produced.


  1. What does girl power mean to you? It is freedom to do what you love -no barriers, no constraints.  As a parent, it means giving my daughter the freedom to be who she is, with encouragement and support and without judgment.

3. What’s the best part about being your own boss? The best part is seeing an idea become a reality.  When I see an order arrive, I cannot believe these beautiful products are mine and what is even more gratifying is when I see a girl  that I know wears my products, playing like a pro and knowing I helped.


The worst part? Working for yourself means a lot of hours, especially early on when you are in the start up phases.  That is why it is so important to love what you are doing so it doesn’t feel burdensome.


4. Any advice for girls who want to start their own business – either now – or in the future?

1.  Get confident with taking risks – it can be taking that shot at goal, trying for another basket or stealing a base, but it can also be writing something and sending it in to the newspaper.

2. Develop resilience.  This has to do with how you react to failure.  Brush it off and learn from it.  Don’t replay that tape in your mind.

3. Read everything – you never know where the next big idea will come from.

4. Do your math – calculating sales tax, discounts and ratios are the math foundations for a future business.

5. Which public figure(s) inspire you?

Bert Goyle, Chairwoman of Columbia

Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton (Secretaries of State)

Debbie Yow, Athletic Director at NC State.  (there are only three female athletic directors in the entire country)


Which private figure(s) inspire you?

My husband, son and daughter.

My favorite quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.“

–Marianne Williamson

Happiness Tips for Moms

Happiness Tips For Moms – From Life and Success Coach Karen Elizaga of Forward Options

A moment of gratitude for you mothers out there who are pulled in a million different directions! I think there is no harder job than that of a mother. You work tireless hours, you don’t get paid for those hours, and the moments of gratitude from those around you (your husband and your kids) are few and far between. Come on, you’re supposed to know that they love and appreciate you, right? Hmmm.


Well, let’s take some time to think about how you can take control of your own happiness and fulfillment. If you don’t, who will?
Here are five tips for your deep satisfaction, contentment and balance in your life:


1 – Make the first choice a loving, happy one. Sure, you could start your day overwhelmed by all that you have to do. You could get bogged down with what you haven’t achieved. But how about starting your day with a positive thought of gratitude to set yourself up for a happy and fulfilled day. Instead of thinking about what a chore it is to do all the things you have to do, shift the filter that you see your day in. “I am so happy and fortunate that I get to spend my day taking care of my family.”


2 – Take time for yourself – first! There is not a mom out there who won’t be happier, more patient or more understanding if she takes time to indulge in the things that she enjoys before tending to the needs of others. I know it sounds selfish, but it’s not! Think of it as filling your own gas tank before driving your kids to school. You need a full tank, otherwise you won’t get there! Love yourself (really, think about what it is that is uniquely loveable about you). Exercise. Meditate. Have that slow cup of tea. Take a long, hot shower. Shop for yourself. Do the work that you want to do.


3 – Enlist support from others. There’s no rulebook that says you need to approach mothering and working all on your own. Rely on the people around you to help you get things done! Coordinate afterschool activities and carpool the kids. If you have the resources, hire a babysitter or nanny. Be specific in what you want and need your husband to do. Bottom line, ask for help! No one is going to take the time to think about what you need to get done – the onus is on you to tell them.


4 – Nurture your village. Every mother needs to blow off steam. We also need to be able to understand that our everyday challenges are entirely normal. Make sure you surround yourself with good friends whom you like, love and respect and who are taking on a similar journey to yours. Budget time for regular drinks or tea or lunch so that you can vent and laugh over the stuff that we can otherwise take so seriously.


5 – Be a woman. Don’t forget your feminine self! It’s very easy to get caught up in the routine of running your household and focus purely on checking those tasks off the list. But it’s really important that you don’t forget that you are not only a mother, but a wife or a woman who wants and deserves the kind of attention that makes you feel beautiful.    Make time for date night


These five tips, plus eating regularly and nutritiously (organic as much as you can!), will help fuel your happiness and fulfillment everyday! Enjoy!


About Karen Elizaga:

Executive Coach Karen Elizaga and Forward Options Founder, had always wanted to be a lawyer – a decision which led her from her childhood home in Honolulu to Barnard College in New York City, followed by a law degree from American University. By the time she was 27, she had landed a job at an international law firm, worked at innovative companies in London, England and was happily married. Five years later, she was blessed with a beautiful daughter.

But despite her career and personal success, a lifetime of questioning herself and the inescapable conviction that she wasn’t good enough had led Karen into a pattern of self-limiting behavior – where she felt both perpetually dissatisfied with her job, her looks, and her life. And the realization of how destructive this outlook was truly hit home when Karen realized that she was in danger not only of sabotaging her own happiness and success, but of passing on that same mindset to someone else: her daughter.

Realizing that it’s never too late to go in search of personal fulfillment, Karen left the corporate world and got to work simultaneously helping herself and others… by founding a business that encourages others ditch the self-doubt and be their best selves. Beginning as a series of seminars for teen girls and having evolved into executive coaching for women and men, Forward Options was created around the idea that love for the self begets great achievements – giving people the tools to acknowledge their strengths, forgive their faults, and use that confidence to envision a future full of wonderful options.

Building Self-Esteem in Children

Like any mom, you only want the best for your child.   By building self-esteem in your children.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.  The following tips will help you develop self-esteem in children, so they can have a rich and fulfilling life.

Tip 1:  Be Confident Yourself. Show your children you are a confident person in a variety of situations.     Show your tweens that it’s important to try new things, even if you don’t always succeed.  When they see you being confident in your abilities, no matter the outcome, that postitive attitude will boost their self-esteem.

Tip 2: Develop Your Child’s Sense  Responsibility – Another good way to build self-esteem in children is to give them some age-appropriate tasks they are responsible for on a regular basis.  Create routines in which they are regularly asked to perform these tasks. By asking your children to perform chores , they will recognize and appreciate your confidence in their growing abilities and your trust in them will build their esteem.

Tip 3: Spread the Praise Around- Tweens need as much praise as younger children.  However you need to be more selective in how you do it.  Praising every little thing your child does can give them the feeling they can do no wrong.    Instead, praise their passing skills or another specific aspect of their performance.  This way they can take pride in their own achievements and realize that doing their best is more important than just winning or losing.   This will allow them to better handle the inevitable disappointments  that are a natural part of life.

Tip 4: Listen Up – Listen to your children.  This is especially important as your children become tweens.  By listening you show your children that what they have to say matters and is important.   You may have to listen to a lot of  chatter before they really start opening, but it will be worth it.  Eventually they will learn its ok to express their emotions, frustrations and fears to you.  Support them, empathize, but also don’t be afraid to correct them when they’re wrong.

These suggestions for building self-esteem in children will be the starting point of a whole new relationship with your tween.