GirlMogul is sponsoring a contest on Mrs. Magoo Reads

Just so y’all know,GirlMogul is sponsoring a contest with Mrs. Magoo reads – check out the link here and check out Mrs. Magoo reads as well.

I’m excited since Mrs Magoo choose Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.  It’s book 4 in the “Vampire” series. I confess to only having read the first one, Twilight, but that’s only due to lack of time…, not interest.  So check out Mrs. Magoo – and the book.

Mrs. Magoo Reads – GirlMogul of the Day


We’ve decided to award Sophie Epstein, creater of the Mrs. Magoo Reads blog the GirlMogul of the day.  A blog dedicated to reviewing tween (aka young adult literature), Sophie has compiled an impressive reading list, ranging from the old – Jane Austen’s Emma to the new – Harry Potter.  We admire her entrepreneurial spirit to in opening up the blog to author for promotional opportunities – she’s going for the Mrs Magoo Bump (much like the Colbert Bump).  Good for you Sophie – we foresee many great things for you, Future Media Mogul. So be sure to check the Mrs. Magoo Reads blog and tell all of your friends.

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