Disney is Going Classic: a Movie Review of The Princess and the Frog

Disney Princess and Frog Review

Okay, GirlMoguls, so I know we were all super curious about the new Disney movie. There are so many things about it that are new and very old for the productions house. They were returning to an old school style of animation, but still trying to keep the humor and plot contemporary. Also, they are featuring their first ever African American princess, in a setting that was also never trekked. Disney has never done a quintessential fairy tale in the South. The Princess and the Frog covered new grounds with the main character Tiana, and her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The story is about Tiana, a girl with big dreams and not a lot of money to achieve them. But, she keeps her parents words in mind and works very hard, knowing that dreams cannot be achieved without hard work put toward them. She grows up with a friend named Charlotte, who is the daughter of a very rich man, and for whom Tiana’s own mother sews extravagant dresses. The two girls and very different, but come together by continually wishing on stars. One day, Prince Naveen comes to New Orleans to find a girl to marry, and Charlotte is the first in line. But, the witch doctor Dr. Facilier intervenes and turns Naveen into a frog. Through a bizarre line of turns, Tiana ends up in the same boat, quite literally, and they go on an adventure trying to find a way to be human again.

I absolutely loved this movie. I thought the animation was completely breathtaking, and totally worth the wait. I really hope they do more movies in this style of animation; I realized how good it was again after seeing it on the big screen. The story was very true of Disney; it was really funny while still having a very touching message. In the end, I was so touched that Tiana finds what she really needs- not be human, but to find love and happiness. She was working so hard. She was not living and enjoying life and a balance of the two is always necessary.  Ultimately, the story was fantastic. The villain, Dr. Facilier, was really creepy, and I though Disney did a great job in creating a really loathsome and distinctive character. The only thing I would say they could improve on was the songs. In e very movie, there is always at least 1 memorable song, like Under the Sea form The Little Mermaid or Zero to Hero from Hercules. In this movie, all the songs were very jazz focused, and were not kitschy enough for my taste. Other than that, I definitely recommend you go and watch it!

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