Keeping Secrets – Part Deux

Should You Tell Your Friend's Secrets?
Should You Tell Your Friend's Secrets?

Hey GirlMoguls it’s Rose here. In my last post I talked about how secrets can be good for a friendship – if you have a BFF that you can totally trust to keep a secret that can be a lifesaver.  But sometimes, what if you hear a secret and you’ve just gotta tell someone?

Well here’s what you do – first of all, ask yourself why you feel the need to tell the secret.  Do you think if you tell your friend’s secret to someone else, it will help you fit in with the cool crowd?  I mean being a Gossip Queen for a day is a sure way to raise your cool cred, but it’s not cool to do that to your friend.  So keep a lid on it.

But what if your friend tells you she’s been chatting on the Internet with an older guy and is planning to meet him at the mall.  Nothing you say can change her mind, but your creepy meter is way up.  She’s sworn you to secrecy but you’re seriously  worried about her.  Well this may be the time to tell – for her own safety – tell your parents, a teacher or a guidance counselor and get her some help fast!

TMI – so in the interests of friendship, do you need to tell your friends every little thing?  No way – there may be some things you want to keep to yourself – but still want to talk about them.  Well, I’m a big fan of using my journal for this.  I use it to make my to do lists, and to write about things that are bothering me that I don’t feel about sharing.  Sometimes even writing about a bad situation will help you feel better.  I mean in your journal you could totally blab about the fact that you hate your friend’s new haircut – and neither she, nor anyone else will ever know.  Just be sure to keep your diary in a safe place so if doesn’t fall into curious hands…

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