What’s Fun about Being the New Girl at School

What's Fun About Being the New Girl At School

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Rose here, and there was a time when I was the new girl, and let me tell it was no fun – all I wanted to do was to be back at my old school, in my old town, with my old friends.  But since New York City is like a million miles away from good ‘ole Weston, my new hood, it was pretty unlikely that I was going to see my new friends anytime soon.  So here I was…the New Girl in town…and if you are too, you can use this 4 part strategy to start your new life…

  1. Keep an open mind – It’s easy to think that the grass was always greener in your old school and home.  You were used to it and life felt good – and comfortable.  You might be inclined to dwell on how it used to be…but that can make you a real drag to be around.  And trust me, if you go about comparing how much cooler your old school was to your new one, umm, pretty much no one will be interested in being friends with you…So before you start your first day, tell yourself that your new school is going to be WAY COOLER than your old one – keep telling yourself this and your mind will believe it – and you’ll be ready for the new adventure.
  2. All the World’s the Stage – as the new girl, people will be wondering what kind of person you are.   And all they’ll have to go on is what you show them. Now I am not talking about a total re-invention here.  But if you have always wanted to be bubbly and outgoing, but really are a bit of a shy girl, well now’s the time to start being bubbly and outgoing.  Smile and say hello, strike up conversations.  After all, no one here knows you were a shy girl at your old school.  Now, don’t try to be someone you’re not – ‘cause that never works for long.  Just picture your best self – and try to be that person during the first few weeks.
  3. Don’t be a wallflower – get out and say hello.  Sometimes being the new girl means that you’ll get a lot of attention and it will be easy to meet new people.   Other times, being the new girls means, well not a whole lot.  So if the kids at your new school aren’t coming up and introducing themselves to you, don’t worry – take the initiative – but don’t try too hard.  Just smile, say hello and try making some short conversations or small talk with the friendliest kids.
  4. Be patient – You don’t find new BFFs overnight – usually.  So be patient and let friendships grow.  Try to be friendly to as many people as possible and get a sense for who they are – it might turn out that the group you wanted to be friends isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.   It might take a while to find your spot – but you will find it – and find out that maybe you belonged there all along.