Weird Science: Some cool facts about our bodies!

Anatomy  of the Human Body
Anatomy of the Human Body

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Poppy here, and I came across some really cool scientific facts about the human body. I just wanted to share them with you.

Have you ever held your breath just to see how long you can go without breathing? Ever wonder why we can’t go on without breathing for a very long time? Out of all the oxygen that we breathe into our body, our brain uses up more than a quarter of it. Our brain is the most important part of our body, and it requires the most oxygen to function.

Can you locate the smallest bone in your body? Most people don’t realize but the smallest bone is located in the middle of our ears.

When was the last time you ate today? Chances are you have not digested your last meal yet. It takes about 12 hours after eating for a human body to fully digest its food. It goes through many phases in your digestive system before it is fully digested. Chances are you probably digest your breakfast around the time you have your dinner.

How long can you go without blinking? Can you imagine blinking only once or twice a minute? Chances are your eyes will start to burn and you will need to blink. Without consciously knowing, we blink every 5-6 seconds. However, there was a point in our life where each of us only blinked once or twice a minute. Babies/infants only blink once or twice every minute!

Ever wonder when our body stops growing as we get older? There comes a point in all of our lives when we age that our body physically stops growing. While that is true for most of our body parts, there are two parts of our body that continues to grow throughout our entire lifetime. They are our nose and ears! It’s kind of hard to believe, but it’s true. Well, while it may not be noticeable to a human eye, it certainly happens as we continue to get older.

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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My deluxe skin cream breakthrough

Hello GirlMoguls! It’s Poppy here, with a breakthrough in my face cream project! I always find it interesting when science combines with a field like food or skin care to make something really cool and new. As you know, my dad helped me set up a mini-lab in the house so I could work on my projects. I tried to make a face cream using seaweed at first, but the smell was just gross. My grandmother then gave me the nectar from an agave plant, which blended well with my cream but is very hard to find. I just did not want to give up. I only tried two ingredients. There had to have been something I could find that could help me make a refreshing, nice smelling cream for me and my friends, right?
Well, even though science is my absolute favorite subject, I looked into reading about ingredients like seaweed. I was hoping to find a new ingredient to use that I could easily get without bothering my mom (she’s been busy with the restaurants). Fortunately, my dad stumbled upon an article by The New York Times that talked about regular fruits and vegetables being good for your face and body. The article talks about how ingredients like spinach and apples can be great for your skin. I was so surprised! I never knew something that I eat every day, like apples, could benefit my outside just like my insides. Here is the article my dad and I read about spinach.
Apparently, spinach has these things called antioxidants. My grandmother told me antioxidants cancel out bad effects of molecules in the environment called “free radicals” which harm the skin. That means that when antioxidants are used on skin, they help keep it healthy and full of oxygen. I hate eating my spinach, but I wouldn’t mind putting spinach extract on my face! The writer of the article says “it takes 55 pounds of spinach to create one pound of extract.” But, I don’t need a whole pound of extract. I just need a little bit to use in my skin care product.
Apples, on the other hand, have a great taste. They’re so sweet and refreshing, I like to eat one every day at lunch. I never thought to put part of the apple on my face – science can be so cool sometimes. The article talked about how apple-seed oil keeps skin really soft and bright. I’m going to try to figure out how to extract that oil so I can put in my face lotion. The last step will be to put some sparkles in the cream. I know it will be my favorite part.
I’m going to try out my new discoveries, and hopefully I will report to you soon about my brand new creams. I want them smell sweet, have good ingredients, and shine with a little sparkle. I promise I won’t give up till I find a formula! Help me name my skincare line – post your suggestions below.

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