KaBoom! Playgrounds for Everyone

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Lily here and we just wanted to give a shout out to a great cause and spread the word about the KaBoom Movement – and nope it has nothing to do with fireworks.  It’s a movement to make sure that kids have access to safe playgrounds – for unstructured, outdoor play.

Now, you might think you’re too old for a playground – but remember how good it used to feel – the ability to run free, swing like crazy and be a loud as you want?  Well, more and more kids today don’t have access to that kind of “unstructured” play – which means that they have to sit inside and watch tv, or if they’re lucky, run around inside all day.

But KaBoom is a movement that works to make safe playgrounds in every neighborhood – whether it’s putting in a a new or fixing up an old one.  They also keep a searchable list of local parks and playgrounds.

Do you know why outdoor play is so good for kids of all ages?  Here are just a few reasons:

  • Kids who play are healthier. Kids who play are less likely to be obese and develop obesity-related health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Kids who play do better in school. Kids who play develop the cognitive skills that are positively linked to learning and academic performance.
  • Kids who play, play well as adults. Kids who play build their confidence and learn the social skills that help them become happy, well-adjusted adults.

So even though your playground days may be behind you (but c’mon, we dare to see how good getting on the swing feels), you can help other kids by supporting local playgrounds.  Here’s what you can do:

– If you want and with your parent’s permission, you can sign the Kaboom at their website, and help map your local playgrounds: http://kaboom.org/pledge/moms

– Check out the Kaboom site for ways to take action – like writing a letter to the paper, throw a play party, or or organizing a clean up day – Check out all the ideas here: http://kaboom.org/take_action

– Join in PlayDay 2011 – perhaps organize a group of younger siblings or neighboorhood kids to get in on the play – Find out more here: http://kaboom.org/take_action


As you know, as GirlMoguls we believe helping out the community is a top priority – (hey you can read all about how we did it our town of Weston here: http://girlmogul.com/Saving-Hannah/) and we think making playgrounds safe, cool and available is a great project for GirlMogul.  Be sure to tell us about your favorite playground  fun in the comments below!