What’s Fun about Being the New Girl at School

What's Fun About Being the New Girl At School

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Rose here, and there was a time when I was the new girl, and let me tell it was no fun – all I wanted to do was to be back at my old school, in my old town, with my old friends.  But since New York City is like a million miles away from good ‘ole Weston, my new hood, it was pretty unlikely that I was going to see my new friends anytime soon.  So here I was…the New Girl in town…and if you are too, you can use this 4 part strategy to start your new life…

  1. Keep an open mind – It’s easy to think that the grass was always greener in your old school and home.  You were used to it and life felt good – and comfortable.  You might be inclined to dwell on how it used to be…but that can make you a real drag to be around.  And trust me, if you go about comparing how much cooler your old school was to your new one, umm, pretty much no one will be interested in being friends with you…So before you start your first day, tell yourself that your new school is going to be WAY COOLER than your old one – keep telling yourself this and your mind will believe it – and you’ll be ready for the new adventure.
  2. All the World’s the Stage – as the new girl, people will be wondering what kind of person you are.   And all they’ll have to go on is what you show them. Now I am not talking about a total re-invention here.  But if you have always wanted to be bubbly and outgoing, but really are a bit of a shy girl, well now’s the time to start being bubbly and outgoing.  Smile and say hello, strike up conversations.  After all, no one here knows you were a shy girl at your old school.  Now, don’t try to be someone you’re not – ‘cause that never works for long.  Just picture your best self – and try to be that person during the first few weeks.
  3. Don’t be a wallflower – get out and say hello.  Sometimes being the new girl means that you’ll get a lot of attention and it will be easy to meet new people.   Other times, being the new girls means, well not a whole lot.  So if the kids at your new school aren’t coming up and introducing themselves to you, don’t worry – take the initiative – but don’t try too hard.  Just smile, say hello and try making some short conversations or small talk with the friendliest kids.
  4. Be patient – You don’t find new BFFs overnight – usually.  So be patient and let friendships grow.  Try to be friendly to as many people as possible and get a sense for who they are – it might turn out that the group you wanted to be friends isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.   It might take a while to find your spot – but you will find it – and find out that maybe you belonged there all along.

To Come and Go Like Magic

In this great tween book, Chilli learns that even though she yearns to leave her boring old 1970s Appalachian town behind, there’s still plenty of beauty to found in the people and the land all around.

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A Night at the Museum – For You!

Are You Ready to Spend a Night at the Museum
Are You Ready to Spend a Night at the Museum

Okay, GirlMoguls, I know you saw the movie A Night at the Museum. It’s Rose here, wondering if you ever thought of staying the night at a museum. Well, I have some super cool news for you! The Smithsonian (yes that museum in the sequel) is actually letting some kids and their parents do exactly that! They letting you in to sleep over at the museum, and see all of the crazy and awesome exhibits through the night!

I would totally love to do this. You get to experience history is a fun and completely new way. I think the movie must have inspired the people who run the museum, because it is a like the movie coming to real life, and like a dream come true. Basically, once a month, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History will host an overnight sleepover for kids and their chaperones. The chaperones have to over the age of 21, and you must pre-register by calling the museum. They have dates set up from January 2010, until April 2010 right now, so get calling! It’s an amazing opportunity for kids like us, so I suggest at least checking it out. You’ll be able to bring your own sleeping bags, and experience a night of fun. The program includes family workshops, performances, hands-on activities, and special screening on the Giant IMAX screen in the museum. You can also explore some museum exhibits, while meeting some fun characters along the way and having some good snacks. Don’t forget to check out the giant squid!

You can look up the details about the program here, on the Smithsonian website. This a really cool offer that won’t be around for long, so tell your parents about checking it out with you (I know I am!). One adult is required per group of 3 kids, and no siblings under the age of 8 can be admitted. Who knows? You just might be seeing me, GirlMogul Rose, walking around the Smithsonian one of these nights!

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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Smart Cars are Smart for the Environment

Hey Girls! I don’t know about you, but in the past year or so I’ve occasionally seen these tiny cars on the streets or in parking lots that are so small they practically look like clown cars! Well, they aren’t for clowns, they’re for people, and they’re called smart cars. These microcars have been in Europe for several years now, but only hit the United States in the beginning of 2008.
Besides the fact that the smart car is very unique looking with its small, box-shaped design and bright colors, one of its main draws is that it’s more environmentally-friendly than other types of cars. Of course, no car is going to be 100% eco-friendly, but the makers of the smart car say that they are dedicated to protecting the environment and use eco-friendly methods to manufacture the cars. That’s why it’s smart! The cars themselves have extremely low exhaust emissions, which causes a lot less pollution.

Whether or not you like the design of the smart car, it’s good to know that car manufacturers are starting to make cars that are much better for the environment and cut down on pollution. Even though I’m not old enough to drive yet (and most of you probably aren’t either!), it’s cool to think that in several years when we can, there will be cars that are even better for the environment. Maybe by then they will invent solar-powered cars, or even water-powered ones! Next time you’re out and about, take a look at the cars around and see if you can spot any smart cars. Tell me what you think about them!

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