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Leaving a Small Green Footprint is good for the environment
Leaving a Small Green Footprint is good for the environment

Hey GirlMoguls -earth girl Poppy here – and it we’re so excited that Earth Day 2010 is coming up.  Soon we’ll be talking more about things you can do to make a difference and save the earth, but first, I wanted to talk about your footprints – nope not the kind you leave in sand, but your green footprints!  Have you ever heard of those?

Well, your green footprint (also called a carbon footprint) is really how big an impact or effect you have on the environment.  It’s like when your parents tell you to turn off the lights when you leave the room – if you don’t, somewhere a power plant has to create the energy for that light – and it might be using up natural resources like coal or oil or even producing some bad things – like pollution into the air to create that light – so if no one is using it, your truly are wasting precious resources.   So turn off the light!  Having a small green footprint means you use fewer natural resources – for instance, if you always recycle your paper, cans and plastic, you’re creating less garbage that needs to go into a big dump or landfill – and therfore being greener – cause chances are that paper or plastic will  be re-used – maybe in another piece of paper, or maybe in something totally different – like a piece of clothing…

So think about ways you can use less – less water, less electricity, less heat, less air-conditioning and you’ll be leaving a greener footprint in no time!

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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Smart Cars are Smart for the Environment

Hey Girls! I don’t know about you, but in the past year or so I’ve occasionally seen these tiny cars on the streets or in parking lots that are so small they practically look like clown cars! Well, they aren’t for clowns, they’re for people, and they’re called smart cars. These microcars have been in Europe for several years now, but only hit the United States in the beginning of 2008.
Besides the fact that the smart car is very unique looking with its small, box-shaped design and bright colors, one of its main draws is that it’s more environmentally-friendly than other types of cars. Of course, no car is going to be 100% eco-friendly, but the makers of the smart car say that they are dedicated to protecting the environment and use eco-friendly methods to manufacture the cars. That’s why it’s smart! The cars themselves have extremely low exhaust emissions, which causes a lot less pollution.

Whether or not you like the design of the smart car, it’s good to know that car manufacturers are starting to make cars that are much better for the environment and cut down on pollution. Even though I’m not old enough to drive yet (and most of you probably aren’t either!), it’s cool to think that in several years when we can, there will be cars that are even better for the environment. Maybe by then they will invent solar-powered cars, or even water-powered ones! Next time you’re out and about, take a look at the cars around and see if you can spot any smart cars. Tell me what you think about them!

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