Living a Better Life: The Science of H2O!

Hey girls, it’s GirlMogul Poppy here with a new science installment! So, you know I’m all about figuring how things work and why things happen. That’s the part I actually like about science! Ever wonder why something works the way it does? Or maybe why our bodies function a certain way? Well, then I’m your girl!

My mom always says, “Drink 8 glasses of water a day!” When I keep asking why, she just responds by saying “It’s good for you!” But, I always wanted to know WHY it’s good for you.

It turns out that you do need about 8 glasses of water a day, and that’s because water makes up a huge part of your body. Your skin, organs, and cells are all made up of a huge percentage of water, and you need to keep replenishing that level so you don’t get dehydrated. When you sweat and do daily activities, water evaporated from your skin into the atmosphere. Therefore, you’re constantly losing a steady supply of fluid that your body needs in order to function properly. Water is one of the best liquids you can drink because it is what your body is made, of, it includes no artificial ingredients, it contains no sugar, it has no calories or fat, and it is pure. Besides replenishment, water also has a ton of other benefits. It keeps the oils from clogging your pores on your face, and prevents acne. Also, it allows you to think more clearly because when you get dehydrated, you brain and organs start functioning slower in order to conserve energy.

But, one of the new reasons I’ve discovered to drink water is exercise! Health studies recommend that athletes start drinking water at least 1 hour before exercise and for at least 1 hour afterward, because of the physical strain you are putting on your body. Be careful though! Too much water (it has ot be a lot) can also be detrimental. Just make sure that if you find yourself drinking over 8 glasses a day, include drinks like sports drinks with a little sodium and electrolytes. Too much water can wash these ingredients out of your system and they are good for you too!

And don’t forget to be environmentally friendly. Tap water is often just as good as bottled water and if you use your own re-usable container like the one shown here, you aren’t adding more plastic that takes a long time to break down into the earth.

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There's Beauty in Going Green

Hey girls! Poppy here, with some news about a celebrity who’s not so clueless about helping the environment! If you’ve seen the movie Clueless, then you’re familiar with Alicia Silverstone, the actress who plays the main character Cher Horowitz. Alicia Silverstone made that movie when she was just a teenager. Now, Alicia is known more for being an outspoken vegan and an environmental activist than as an actress. So what is she doing now? Alicia just designed a collection of green make-up cases and brushes with EcoTools, in hopes to show girls that you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your style in order to be environmentally conscious. “You can use earth friendly materials and still look fantastic!” Alicia has said about her new collection.

If you want to fill up your environmentally friendly make-up case with beauty products, make sure you fill it with some green make-up! (Okay, maybe not ACTUALLY green, since you might look weird wearing green lip gloss, but you know what I mean!) Companies that sell beauty supplies are creating more and more products that are environmentally friendly. So the next time you look to buy some new lip gloss or eye shadow, make sure to buy products that are green! Make-up like mineral make-up is even supposed to be better for you, too, and is less likely to clog pores. See? Going green doesn’t just help the environment, it helps you, too!

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