Building Self-Esteem in Children

Like any mom, you only want the best for your child.   By building self-esteem in your children.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.  The following tips will help you develop self-esteem in children, so they can have a rich and fulfilling life.

Tip 1:  Be Confident Yourself. Show your children you are a confident person in a variety of situations.     Show your tweens that it’s important to try new things, even if you don’t always succeed.  When they see you being confident in your abilities, no matter the outcome, that postitive attitude will boost their self-esteem.

Tip 2: Develop Your Child’s Sense  Responsibility – Another good way to build self-esteem in children is to give them some age-appropriate tasks they are responsible for on a regular basis.  Create routines in which they are regularly asked to perform these tasks. By asking your children to perform chores , they will recognize and appreciate your confidence in their growing abilities and your trust in them will build their esteem.

Tip 3: Spread the Praise Around- Tweens need as much praise as younger children.  However you need to be more selective in how you do it.  Praising every little thing your child does can give them the feeling they can do no wrong.    Instead, praise their passing skills or another specific aspect of their performance.  This way they can take pride in their own achievements and realize that doing their best is more important than just winning or losing.   This will allow them to better handle the inevitable disappointments  that are a natural part of life.

Tip 4: Listen Up – Listen to your children.  This is especially important as your children become tweens.  By listening you show your children that what they have to say matters and is important.   You may have to listen to a lot of  chatter before they really start opening, but it will be worth it.  Eventually they will learn its ok to express their emotions, frustrations and fears to you.  Support them, empathize, but also don’t be afraid to correct them when they’re wrong.

These suggestions for building self-esteem in children will be the starting point of a whole new relationship with your tween.

DIY – Make Your Own Venetian Bracelet

DIY Project: Venetian Necklaces!

make-your-own-venetian-glass-braceletHey girls. I went to school and there was this awesome guest speaker who is a jewelry artist. She came to art class to teach us how to make a specific necklace called Venetian Necklaces. Here’s what you need:

  1. 1 string of seed beads (they come super cheap at any craft store; they are the tiny filler beads)
  2. 3 big, main beads in the style of your choice
  3. 6 medium sized beads that match the big ones
  4. 6 smaller beads that match the rest!
  5. Tiger tail (also really cheap at craft stores; its thin titanium used to make necklace instead of string)
  6. A closure

make-your-own-venetian-glass-bracelet2Here’s how you make one: I’m going to call the BIG beads “A” beads, the medium beads “B” beads, and the small beads “C” beads to make things easier. Start by cutting a long piece of tiger tail and knot one end. Now you can start beading! Start by stringing about 75 seed beads onto the string. That was easy! Here comes the technique part: next, add a C bead, ONE seed bead, a B bead, ONE seed bead, an A bead, ONE seed bead, a B bead, ONE seed bead, and then lastly, another C bead. Do you see the pattern? It’s called an ellipse, and shaped like an eye. Add about 20 seed beads, then do the pattern again: C, seed, B, seed, A, seed, B, seed, C. Add another 20 seed beads, and then the pattern again: C, seed, B, seed, A, seed, B, seed, C. Add the last 75 seed beads, and knot the other end! You now have a beautiful Venetian style necklace. Make sure you ask your patterns to put on the closer, and wear with pride! Check out the necklaces I made!

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy
Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

NEW DIY Project – Make a Difference Aluminum Water Bottle

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s our friend Make it Ruby here and she has a brand new project  for us – a cool eco friendly aluminum water bottle so you can stop toting around those environmentally unfriendly plastic bottle.  So get going and get green and check out the: “Make A Difference Aluminum Water Bottle”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: aluminum water bottle, permanent markers, ribbon, beads, decorative jewels, all-purpose tacky glue

savetheworldwaterbottle1. Renew a plain aluminum water bottle & make a difference:) Draw your pattern or design directly on your aluminum water bottle with permanent markers.

2. Choose eco conscious symbols that work with your design & be sure to add your name to the design to show you take pride in taking care of planet Earth.

3. Attach two pieces of pretty ribbon to the carabineer clip. Glue beads & decorative jewels to the ribbon to add the perfect finishing touch:)



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