Up Gets the Oscar Nomination

Up the Movie wins Oscar Nomination
Up the Movie wins Oscar Nomination

Carl Fredrickson and our favorite Boy Scout Russell are making history. That’s right, I’m talking about the old, frumpy, loveable Carl and the eager, wide-eyed Russell from Disney Pixar’s hit film UP.

UP was extremely popular in theaters, and found fans among people of all ages. The story was sweet, funny, and exciting all at the same time. Plus, the animation and Pixar touch sent the movie to new heights, no pun intended.

Now, we see UP back in the news once more. UP has received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture! This is extremely exciting not only because Disney Pixar got the nomination, but more-so because UP is an animated film nominated for Best Picture. That is a feat in itself! The last time an animated film was up for Best Picture was before we were been born! Can you imagine that?

The last animated nomination went out in 1991 for another Disney film, The Beauty and the Beast.  I still love that movie. Although Beauty and the Beast did not win that year, it blazed a trail for the world of animation. Now, in 2010, UP will do the same thing with its nomination. The really interesting about both movies is that they were both done by Disney production houses. This means that both animated films ever in history to get a Best Picture nomination were both Disney movies!

Well, what did you think of UP? Do you think it deserved the nomination? Tune in on March 7th to see if it wins!

GirlMogul Lily
GirlMogul Lily

Fat Cat Book Club Part 3

fatcat bookOkay, girls, can I just say “Whoa!” I was definitely NOT expecting Cat’s love life to take off the way it did. Just to make sure I’m not spoiling any plot points for you, make sure that you’ve about ¾ of this novel, up to Chapter 61 (that’s page 231). Now that we’re on the same page, no pun intended, let’s talk about some good stuff. Greg, then Nick? What is Cat thinking? I imagine she must be feeling so many emotions. For the first time, she is actually going on just hormonal emotional instead of her usual rational logic. That must be crazy for her!

I’m glad that Cat dumped Greg, though. You could totally tell that he was not as intelligent, and couldn’t keep up with Cat’s fast-paced brains. She’s smart and witty, and he was just not with it. Nick, on the other hand, is super smart. But, he’s such a flirt. From the rumors and stories, we know he gets around with a ton of girls over the summer, even if he may not during the school year. He doesn’t seem like the guy Cat should ideally be with, because he is only interested in her physically. I really hope she makes the right moves with him, and by that I mean no moves.

I’m really glad that Cat is cooking again. I would love to be Amanda! I mean, getting gourmet food and a best friend? What more could a girl ask for? Plus, that food, despite being super healthy, also sounds upper delicious. I’m actually considering looking up some of those recipes and trying them. If you do, please comment and let me know how they turn out!

Anyway, I’m really curious how this so-called Phase II of Cat’s experiment will turn out. My questions from this part of the novel are:

What effect will Phase II have on Cat’s experiment? Will her lifestyle changes and changes in appearance really make that big of a difference on the dynamics of her relationships?

Will Cat FINALLY see herself in the mirror, with Amanda’s help?

What will happen between Matt and Cat? Will ever find out what happened between them, because Matt doesn’t seem to know either!

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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