Quote of the day – Wealth

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having fewer wants."

I paraphrased this one a bit, since the original is talking about a monastic life and a vow of poverty. However given the current economic situation out there, it might be good for all of us to cut back. And to teach our daughters the difference between needs and wants. A snow boot may be a need, Uggs are a want. It’s hard for us to differentiate between the two when everyone at school seems to be wearing Uggs.

And perhaps all those girls saved their pennies and paid for them with their own money.Or their parents bought them for them, with cash (and didn’t put something else on the credit card). But one should be willing to bet that all those Uggs (or Coach bags) or whatever, are stilling be paid for.

True wealth consists of being able to live within our mean, having money for a rainy day, and knowing that while you could buy the Uggs, you don’t and decide the money looks a lot better on your Savings account than it does on you. ;So remember girls, nothing looks as good as the confidence that comes from knowing your financially secure.

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