Quote of the Day – Have Some Fun

“Whether you are talking about education, career or service, you are talking about life.  And life must really have joy.  It’s supposed to be fun.” Barbara Bush – Former First Lady

Just a reminder, girls.  As you design your successful life, don’t forget to have fun.  Be successful, but make sure you like what you’re doing as well.   Go out and have fun if you’re working too hard.  Try to find a way to make work or school more fun – it’s usually free and won’t impact how much you get down.  When we volunteer our time to others there should be a component of fun, otherwise service just becomes another obligation.  So if someone else isn’t helping you have fun, then try and create the fun yourself.

Success and Failure

It’s how you deal with failure, not how you deal with success, that determine who in the end, really makes it. – Jane Pratt – Magazine Editor

Just remember, we’ll all fail at some point, maybe a lot.  Sometimes it’s simply the fact that we win more than we lose that keeps ahead of the game.  We learn from both winning and losing, but we tend to remember more from our mistakes!!

So share this with a girl you love, and keep trying!

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