Lily'S Money Tips for Kids

So I decided to take what I’ve learned from trying to smarter about my money, and all of the research I did, and put it together into a little booklet, but first I thought I would try our some sections with you to see if you had any ideas on how to make My Money Tips for Girls better:


Tip 1:  Pay yourself first

 I took 10% of my allowance (that $1) and put it aside.  I hid it in my closet in a special shoebox.  (I figure I can tell you since you won’t be coming to Riverton anytime soon.). I am supposed to do this every week and never ever, ever touch this money, so it can grow and grow and grow.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work (see Tip 4).  So now I know.
Split your money up this way
70% for everyday expenses
10% for my fortune
10% for the future
10% to share


It was harder to make do with even less than before, but slowly as I put more money into the different buckets, I realized it was ok to dip into the future for something I really wanted, especially since it made me really think long and hard about whether or not it was worth it.


So that’s Tip 1 – let me know what you think.  And this week I am doing so much better with my allowance.  I actually didn’t touch the dollar I put away in my do not touch box.  And like Rose suggested, when I wanted a magazine, I stopped by the library, read the story and then put it back.  I got what I wanted for FREE! Pretty neat.

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Lily – Where did all the money go?

So the end of the weekend came and went, and I tried and I really tried not to spend all my money.  But I did and then some.  If $5 hadn’t shown up from Nana, then I’d have been in trouble.   I guess I shouldn’t have gone to the mall, right.  I mean if you’re trying not to spend money, then you shouldn’t go to a place that’s all about getting you to spend more.  Funny how I never noticed it before, but all I could seem to see this weekend were the posters and the flyers and the announcements that seemed to get you to spend $10 instead of the $7 you wanted to in the first place.  Every little place always asked if you wanted to get two instead of one for just a little bit more, or if you wanted the grande size instead of the regular size.  And before you even in know it, the $2.50 is gone, so is the $1 I took from it’s hiding place and promised to use only and only if I really, really needed it., plus the extra $5 nana sent me.
The $8.50 was gone before you knew it.  On headbands (I only meant to buy one, but somehow I wound up with 3 for the price of 2) and a caramel decaf mocha latté.  Grande.  I knew I didn’t need it, any of it, since I have like 20 headbands already
So a full accounting:

What I Spent it On
 $   10.00
 $    1.00
 $    1.75
pens and pencils
 $    3.25
hot chocolate and a cookie
 $    1.00
 $    5.00
Gift From Nana
 $    8.00
3 headbands and a latte
 $   15.00
 $   15.00
Total In/Out
 Total left over:  
That’s  0 a big, fat 0

Ouch – guess I didn’t do such a good job.  I spend everything I had more.  And I feel bad for even getting the dollar out if it’s super secret safe hiding place.  Guess I need a better hiding place…
Abby and Dr. Smith say I shouldn’t give up.  They said to try maybe just putting .50 cents in my super safe box and see if that makes it easier to forget about it at first.  And Abby said that maybe I should go to the library more, since it’s free, instead of the mall, where I may be tempted.

Day 2 of Lily's Money Slim Down

Lily’s Third


Ok, so I have been using my little notebook.  So far I put $1 or 10% of my allowance in a safe place.  Then I spent $1.75 at the school store.  Today I spent $3.25 on a cup of hot chocolate at the coffee shop after school.  I stopped there on my way to the library.  Rose said that I didn’t really need it, because there’s always hot chocolate that Abby makes.  But this one has whipped cream and sprinkles on it.  Of course, it was gone like that!


So far, $4.50.  That’s half my money!  And the week isn’t even half over.  Hmm, this little notebook is a really a good idea. 

 It’s amazing how fast your money can go.


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