GirlMoguls – Encouragement for High Achieving Girls

Hi, this is the home blog for the GirlMoguls.  Who are the GirlMoguls?  We’re four girls who have joined together to learn more about things that interest us.   We have big dreams and we’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to explore thos dreams and find out what it would be like to be a rocket scientist or a CEO (that’s someone who runs a business – big or small).
Of course, we don’t do this all alone.  We have help.  Lots of it!  In fact we didn’t even know each other until recently, even though we all live in Riverton.   You can find out more about how we met here.
Anyway, so we started the GirlMogul club, a place that allows us to explore our dreams and the future possibilities.  Sometimes we go on fieldtrips, and sometimes we do a lot of research in out clubhouse.  Other times, we get to go out into the community and do a fun project.
We each have different talents and interests, and when we combine them we come up with some pretty cool ideas and have some fun adventures.
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The Parent Note – Just so they know everything is ok