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Do you have a tween?  Then you know they are unique breed onto themselves.  And we have books for them….


Saving Hannah  – Or How to Rewrite History – Best Seller – An engaging teen novel by Andrea Stein, Saving Hannah is the sort of book that encourages girls to think beyond reality television and fruit-flavored lip-gloss. Meet Rose, her parents decide to start an organic farm, which transplants her from Manhattan to rural Weston. She’s not happy about this until she takes part in a contest sponsored by the Atlas Institute for Leadership-the grand prize is a trip to New York City. Her teammates in the challenge are Poppy, a science geek, Daisy, a bad girl gamer, and Lily, an overachieving know-it-all. With her eye on the Big Apple, Rose recovers a diary in the library that clears a founding member of Weston of wrongdoings and learns that each of her new gal pals brings something to the table to outsmart the mayor, rival teams, and the cagey Dr. Smith who concocted the entire contest as a plot that’s anything but civic-minded. This debut is first in a series about their girl power adventures.
Ages 9-12.      Buy Now at – eBook or Paperbook



Goal Setting for Kids – Girl Power Rules – Inspiration and Motivation for Tweens – In Girl Power Rules, Goal Setting for Kids, tween girls will be taken on an exciting journey, meeting successful women – none of whom are celebrities, rock stars or actors. Instead these real, successful women have started businesses, founded causes and started movements. And they will inspire tween girls to do the same. Plus, the book has the Get Goaling workbook, a step by step goal setting guide for kids that will help your daughter dream big and craft a plan of action.  Buy Now at…$3.99