Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin

That’s the title from the WSJ opinion piece…by a women.  Obviously it caught my attention – I mean Sarah Palin has opened the Mommy Wars in a whole new way (Hilary didn’t so much because her child is an adult – working motherhood for her had been hashed out it in ’96).  But Sarah Palin is the mother of 5 young children and so she is front and center in the debate.   According to this article, it quoted other columnists as fretting that Gov Palin was not a good role mother for working mothers because she does too much – 5 children, high profile job, and all without the help from government agencies.  Of course Sarah Palin has an ace in the hole – the support of her husband who is on a leave of absence from work.  This means he is stay at home dad, in case anyone was unclear.  Gov Palin also credits a strong network of aunts and grandparents.   The problem with this, some other Feminists have pointed out, is that this means she’s not advocating for maternity leave, universal pre-k or equal pay.  One the one hand Sarah Palin is great role model – she has managed to combine work and family…but because she is doing it on her help, she not feminist enough…

So is Sarah Palin a good role model for today’s girls – will they look at her and see the embodiment of having it all – or is she is bad for the feminist agenda of equal pay and more government support for working mother’s?

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