What did the Obama Daughters do over the long weekend?

Like most of you, you probably had off for President’s Day this past Monday? What is President’s Day? It’s an official holiday to celebrate all the past presidents of the United States. It used to be that we celebrate two President’s birthdays in February – George Washington, the first President of the United States, and Abraham Lincoln, who was President during the Civil War. Both were born in February. But then in 1971, President Nixon combined the two holidays into one and made it more general celebration of Presidents. But most people still associate the holiday with Presidents Washington and Lincoln.

Obama Family goes to Chicago for Long Weekend
Obama Family goes to Chicago for Long Weekend
So what did you do for the long weekend? Malia and Sasha Obama went with their parents and grandmother back to their hometown of Chicago for the long weekend. The Obamas are from the city of Chicago and have a house right in the town. Most presidents usually have a retreat someplace in the country that they like to escape to, but President Obama says that’s not for him and he plans to return home to Chicago with his family every few weeks.

The girls got to hang out at home and visit their old friends – we be they talked about how cool it is to sleep in the White House!

Tell us what you did for the long weekend below.

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Sasha Obama goes to the White House

Sasha Obama is the youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. Her full name is Natasha and she was born on June 6th 2001. She’ll be eight years old this year. Sasha loved the campaign trail and wooed voters with her laughter and infectious sense of humor. Like her big sister she loves ice cream and takes gymnastic, tap and piano lessons. And tennis…Like her sister, Malia, Sasha also attends the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. Sasha is the youngest child since John F. Kennedy came as a baby to live in the White House.

Before President Obama officially took over the job, Laura Bush, the wife of former President George Bush invited Michelle Obama and the girls for a private tour of the White House. The tour was conducted by the Jenna and Barbara Bush, the 26 year old identical twin daughters of President Bush. The Bush twins showed the Obama girls what rooms they would sleep in and reportedly, all the girls tested the beds out by jumping on them!

Sasha and Malia Obama will be joined in Washington DC by their grandmother; Marian Shields Robinson who will live in the White House with them to help look after them, since their mom, First Lady Michelle Obama will be pretty busy working as First Lady.
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