Back to School – How to Use a Planner

How to Use an Academic Planner
How to Use an Academic Planner

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Rose here, with another set of great tips for back to school success.  Today, I am going to share with you my easy tips for using that planner – you know that little book your parents buy you and you’re supposed to use to keep track of everything?  Well here are 4 easy ways to use that thing, instead of letting it collect dust…

  1. Pick one that’s right for you – planners come in all different styles, with some showing just the months and some with a page for each day.  Pick one that has enough room for you to write down all your to-dos and big events – I like ones that have a 2-page month spread for each month and then space for every day in that month…
  2. Add Dates right away – carry the planner with you everywhere – enter every homework assignment, deadline and event as soon as you can.  And then remember to look at it so you can see what’s coming up!
  3. Not just for school – don’t forget to write in all your other dates – like your sister’s birthday, or field trips or dance class, so you can plan you study time around your schedule
  4. Color Code – get colorful and pick a different color for each school subject and another color for after-school activities and so on so you can tell with a quick look how much you have to do in each category!

So see- using a planner isn’t so hard – and it will keep you organized and make schoolwork that much easier to handle – and you didn’t even have to hit the books!

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