The Cooper Kids Adventure Series 2-in-1 Book Review

Hey GirlMoguls, we just got two cool books to review. If you like adventure and mystery then the Cooper kids series is for you. Jack and Lila get to travel with their dad, an archaeologist. Bad things and exciting things happen icluding curses, kidnapping. In one story they need to discover how a mysterious stone appeared overnight. they face dread, danger and an eveb dictator,.

In the other book, a deadly curse in the jungle threatens the family. what will Dr. Cooper do to get his family back? The Coopers kids get to play Indiana Jones and Nancy Drew as they explore unknown ruins, plunge through dangerous jungles, face hostile natives, and battle ancient evil forces. Will their courage and faith in God bring them through?

These two books are a lot of fun and a great way to find out about this best selling series. Reading level 9-12, and avao;able at – see below.

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Your Life, but Cooler (Your Life, but . . .)

In the second book in this series – Your Life but Cooler, you have the chance to make the decisions at the end of each chapter and figure out what you would do….So are you ready to make your life cooler?

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Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series

Hey GirlMoguls it’s Lily here.  Its’ summer time and that means it’s baseball season.   Teen sports reporters and amateur detectives are back and this time they are taking on the World Series and the hot new pitcher – but something smells a little funny – and it’s not the hot dogs.  Batter Up![ReviewAZON asin=”0375847596″ display=”fullpost”]