Skinny Jeans Cause Havoc!

Fashionistas and opponents to fashion trends, I have a news update for both of you! Wondering what it could possibly be? Read on to find out!

skinny jeansI was reading a very interesting article in the Dallas News online with my dad, who originally showed it to me. If I asked you to list top 5 reasons that a student might get suspended from their school for, would wearing skinny jeans be in the top 5 for most of you?. It may come as a shocker to you (I sure was!) but that was the case for Seth Chamlee, a seventh grader at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite. Seth was supporting the new fad that has taken our country by storm, the skinny jeans. The baggy jeans and the bellbottoms are out the door as skinny pants have become the choice of style for actors, celebrities and stars we see on television. There is no surprise as to why it is so popular these days. I mean, don’t you have a pair, or see both guys and girls wearing them now?

Apparently, Seth was sporting a pair of black skinny pants to school last Tuesday. He was sent to the principal’s office where he was sent home for breaking the school’s dress code. The administrators believed the pants worn by Seth did not meet the school’s dress code policy, which includes “polo-style shirts, turtlenecks or dress shirts and Docker-style pants but no jeans”, according to the news article.

The students are expected to wear pants that fit at the waist and their appropriate size with a belt. Skinny pants on the other hand are very fitted. According to the article, the school administrator had informed their students that skinny pants were not allowed to be worn at school as they did not meet the school’s dress code policy.

I think the Mesquite school district is known to be one of the more conservative schools in its district. In the past, it is said that officials have prevented students from having long hair! Female teachers were recently allowed to wear open-toe shoes and male teachers were allowed to finally have facial hair in school. Well, the truth is, there are a lot of schools out there that enforce these rules on their students. Some may think it’s necessary to prevent students from taking advantage of their dress code freedom, others like Seth’s mother, Cindy Pope, believes otherwise, that some dress code policies are just too extreme. What do you think, GirlMoguls? Are skinny jeans inappropriate for school or a fad to be embraced by the system?

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