Ultimate Tween Birthday Parties

Tween Birthday Parties
Tween Birthday Parties

Everyone loves a party especially tween girls, but planning a party for this age can be tricky. The following suggestions will show you how to plan an awesome birthday party for tweens and give you a guide of what to do and when to do them.

1. Two months prior– start discussing ideas with your tween – like will the party be at the house or outside.  How many friends will she be allowed to invite?  What type of theme is appropriate – is it a spa party, or a classic girls sleepover?

2. Three to four weeks before – Finalize your theme.  At  Based on the theme, your venue and budget, decide on a final guest list. and get invitations.    If you’re not inviting everyone in your daughter’s class, it’s best to mail out the invitations to the guests’ homes – this will spare any hurt feelings.

3. Three weeks before – Send out those invitations, and be sure to include an RSVP date and contact information.    Make sure you put down the start and end time of the party and any other additional information – like sleeping bags required if you’re having a sleepover.

You can start buying paper goods and the decorations now.

4. Two weeks before – This is when the RSVPs should be rolling in – keep track of everyone who’s responded and those that haven’t.  You might want to create a menu inspired by your theme. This is where you and your kids can get creative, researching recipes and finding ways to incorporate the theme into kid-friendly fare.   Start stockpiling non-perishable food items like drinks and chips.

Plan out any games or activities you’ll want to play.  You can use the internet to research party games and find out what supplies you need to have on hand.

5.  One week before – It’s almost show time for your tween’s birthday party. Now’s the time to order the cake from the bakery or finish up you’re the homemade version.   See if there are any other menu items you can prepare ahead and store in your freezer.

6.  Three days before – Get the rest of the food and beverages. Clean the house, if you’re having it at home, or confirm all the details with the venue.  Help your daughter pick out her outfit.

7. One Day Before – start decorating and checking all the last minute items off your list.

Day of – Enjoy! By following these simple guidelines you can create the ultimate tween birthday party, one that your daughter will remember for years to come.

A Night at the Museum – For You!

Are You Ready to Spend a Night at the Museum
Are You Ready to Spend a Night at the Museum

Okay, GirlMoguls, I know you saw the movie A Night at the Museum. It’s Rose here, wondering if you ever thought of staying the night at a museum. Well, I have some super cool news for you! The Smithsonian (yes that museum in the sequel) is actually letting some kids and their parents do exactly that! They letting you in to sleep over at the museum, and see all of the crazy and awesome exhibits through the night!

I would totally love to do this. You get to experience history is a fun and completely new way. I think the movie must have inspired the people who run the museum, because it is a like the movie coming to real life, and like a dream come true. Basically, once a month, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History will host an overnight sleepover for kids and their chaperones. The chaperones have to over the age of 21, and you must pre-register by calling the museum. They have dates set up from January 2010, until April 2010 right now, so get calling! It’s an amazing opportunity for kids like us, so I suggest at least checking it out. You’ll be able to bring your own sleeping bags, and experience a night of fun. The program includes family workshops, performances, hands-on activities, and special screening on the Giant IMAX screen in the museum. You can also explore some museum exhibits, while meeting some fun characters along the way and having some good snacks. Don’t forget to check out the giant squid!

You can look up the details about the program here, on the Smithsonian website. This a really cool offer that won’t be around for long, so tell your parents about checking it out with you (I know I am!). One adult is required per group of 3 kids, and no siblings under the age of 8 can be admitted. Who knows? You just might be seeing me, GirlMogul Rose, walking around the Smithsonian one of these nights!

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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