Two bits from the news world.


The first is a story in today’s WSJ about Mary Hern an Air Force wife who has managed to raise two children, move four times to follow her husband’s career and start a thriving, portable home based business.  With a background in opera singing and performing, Mary was certain she would always wind up on the stage in NYC.   But love intervened and she married a military man, had a child and started to move around.  Without much of an outlet for her performing abilities, she started to look for other outlets.  She took a training class offered by the military to help military spouses start business using careers they already have.  With experience managing retail stores and customer databases, she was able to land her first client, doing database management and data analysis, troubleshooting and spotting trends in customer data to help her clients.

Determined to do a top flight job, she kept her second pregnancy under wraps from her clients, had her laptop in the hospital and delivered the project, the baby on time and under budget. 

Now, Mary works from home – she watches the kids during the day and her husband takes over at night while she does work.   To combat the isolation of telecommuting – Mary has found an outlet in singing – in church and hopefully soon in community theater.

Way to go Mary on creating a wonderful work-life balance, helping to support your family and being a true GirlMogul.

So if Mary wasn’t enough – how about this – 10 year old girl completes college classes to become a certified vet’s assistant.  Watch the video here to find out more about 10 year old Courtney Oliver.  Using an online course Courtney became certified in 8 months. 
From early on, Courtney knew she wanted to work with animals.  She also found a helping hand in Dr. Schumacher, the vetinarian who helped mentored Courtney through the process of getting her degree and employs Courtney in her office.  The one downside – state law says Courtney’s too young to work with out parental supervision – so her mother goes to the animal hospital with her.

Way to go Courtney for being a true GirlMogul.
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