Success and Failure

It’s how you deal with failure, not how you deal with success, that determine who in the end, really makes it. – Jane Pratt – Magazine Editor

Just remember, we’ll all fail at some point, maybe a lot.  Sometimes it’s simply the fact that we win more than we lose that keeps ahead of the game.  We learn from both winning and losing, but we tend to remember more from our mistakes!!

So share this with a girl you love, and keep trying! -Encouraging Successful Girls with  Girl Power Apparel, gifts and accessories.

Meet Lily — GilrMogul's Money Chick

Hi, my name is Lily.  I live in suburb of Carson City with my Mom who is a real estate agent and my Dad who works at a bank.  He travels a lot for work, so during the week, it’s mostly me and my mom.  And my Auntie who watches me if my mom needs to run out and meet with a client.  I’m 11 and I go to the Carson Heights School.  Mostly I like school.  I like Math better than history or reading, but every subject is ok.  Sometimes I just don’t understand what all these stuff in books has to do with everyday life.
I mean my mom loves to read, but I don’t see her reading textbooks.  My mom says I have to do well in school so I can go on and be something someday. Not sure I get what being something.  I mean what do I want to be?  
Abby says not to worry, that I will figure it out, and that being a GirlMogul will help me figure it out.

Stayed tuned.  Abby says I am going to have some homework to write more about. She says it will be fun and I will like it.  Ha – we will see. I am going to go read a magazine.

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