Get Fit America for Kids – Scott Cole Gets Kids Moving

Get Fit America for Kids: Inspiring Conscious Happy Active Children

By Scott Cole


Hey Moms – it’s no secret – America’s kids, on average, are less healthy and more overweight than in the past.  As a nation, we have outrageusly high rates of diabetes and heart disease among adults – and it’s trickling down to our kids.  So what can parents do?  Read on for tips from one of America’s top fitness instructors who is passionately committed to helping kids get healthy!

Get Fit America for Kids – By Scott Cole

I have been working with children since 1986, and in those early years I worked with suicide prevention teens in the Dallas area—to this date the toughest audience in my career.  I mention this because sometimes adults feel that a child may just be “lost” and that what we are doing for them is perhaps not “breaking through” and never will.

Believe me, that is a common feeling to have, and certainly faced with what we see in America today—children who are morbidly obese, diabetic, medicated, and experiencing ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), it is no wonder that adults and parents feel frustrated, which seems to be pushing us farther from what we need to be doing—and that is reversing this ugly sad uninspired trend of cutting time and funds for music, art, and physical education.

I can share unequivocally that when given the chance to move, express, and learn something new and different like Yoga and Tai Chi, children respond, not always when and how you want them to, but trust me, the seeds are planted and these mindful movement programs make a huge difference.  By the end of my term with the suicide prevention teens, I remember one girl coming up to me, hugging me crying, “Don’t leave, I love it when you come see us.” I never forgot that.

Let us consider what are children are NOT getting:

1)     Healthy, organic, soil-grown food that for the most part could prevent adult-onset diabetes and obesity.

2)     Movement in all forms: Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Physical Education and PLAY every day.  Children NEED to breathe, move, express, scream, and ultimately experience healthy quiet time.

3)     Nature Experience: Outdoors, or certainly learning about Nature through “field trips” as we used to call them.

4)     Healthy levels of TOUCH, both from adults and their peers.  Activities that involve touch and physical/social communication are needed now more than ever as children bury their heads in video games, computers, cell phones, instead of looking into the eyes of their friends and touching each other in healthy play or activity.

5)     Support at home and in school: The United States is #36 on the longevity list worldwide (tied with Cuba according to the United Nations list), and is the most obese nation on Earth.  This translates into adults who have the same issues in charge of making decisions to prevent the current generation from having the problems we have.

America’s current in-home and educational landscape isn’t coming close to any viable solution until concerned adults (WE) take charge of it at ALL levels.

Let us consider addressing what children today NEED:

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Scott Cole is a former National Aerobic Champion, star of Abs of Steel, and creator of the top-selling Discover Tai Chi series for adults.  His work with children began in 1986 with suicide-prevention abused children, which won him an AFAA Notable Award.  Cole continued to fine-tune his in-school assemblies and has taught children in Texas, California, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, and Wisconsin.

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