The Secrets of Body Language

The Secrets of Body Language
The Secrets of Body Language

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Poppy here. I thought today I’d talk a little about body language – that’s when what you to with your body tells a story just as much as what you’re saying – sometimes body language will even reveal what you’re really feeling or thinking, even if you’re words are saying something totally different.  Like if you’re totally bummed out your mom had to cancel your latest trip to the museum because of work, but you tell her it’s ok so you don’t hurt her feelings.  Your words might be saying, it’s ok, but your body could be telling a whole other story.

So there’s actually scientist who study body language and they’ve found that the reason our bodies can’t lie – even if we’re saying something different, is because of our physical reactions to something.

Here’s a rundown of some common situations where body language may help you decode the full story….

Guilty or Nervous – Maybe you’ve seen it movies or cop shows.  A suspect sits in a room under a bright light while the good cop and bad cop goes to work.  They tell the suspect we know you did. The suspect looks guilty – she’s crossing her legs and kicks her foot up and down.  The cops keep badgering her, but then find out she has the perfect alibi.  Turns out that she was just nervous – not guilty.

So what should you do if you ever find yourself accuses of something you didn’t do – like making breaking your mom’s favorite vase or cheating on a quiz – well don’t let your nerves make you guilty.   You’ll want to calm those nerves and project innocence by sitting still.  Keep your knees been and cross your legs at the ankles. Don’t kick or fidget and you’ll look like one cool – and innocent customer.

Stand and Deliver – You just got a chance to be a counselor in training at summer camp. You’re talking to the director and you think you’ve just about sealed the deal.  Not only will you get to hang with your friends all summer, you’ll pocket some cash and get to play all day – what could be better.  But wait, the camp director has just paused and put her finger together to forms a steeple.  What could be coming?  Well – she’s probably about to ask a serious question where the answer is pretty darn important – like if you really have enough experience to handle a busload of kids on a sugar high…So what do you do if you really want the job?

Stand up tall and straight, don’t fidget or fiddle, and channel your inner superhero – look confident and you’ll feel confident and guess what – you’ll sound super grown up and mature (and confident) when you answer the question.    And hey – this trick works when you’re trying to convince your parents that you really, really need the new microscope from ScienceWorld to finish up your algae facial research – or whatever else you might be jonesing to do – like go to the movies on your own….

Fiddle-Faddle – You’re the new girl in school and you’ve picked out your outfit, down to the cute necklace.  You take a deep breath, enter the classrom and find your hand straying up to your favorite lucky charm necklace.  You touch it, feel the charm and instantly feel so much better, you keep playing with as you try to find a seat.  So do you look cool, calm and confident, ready to own the school?  Or are you projecting insecurity and nervousness?  Umm, if you guess insecure and shy, you’re right.  Fiddling and fidgeting – either with your legs, hands or some piece of jewelry is a dead giveaway that you’re a bundle of nerves.  So if you want to appear cool, calm and confident remember these three things – Stand up straight, Don’t Fidget, and smile.  You’ll look totally awesome and put together and people will smile back – and soon you’ll be making friends left and right.

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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Love and Pollywogs from Camp Calamity

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