The GirlMoguls are going KidLit

kidlitHey GirlMoguls – as you may or may not know, some of you have suggested that you would like to read about some of our advetnures in book form, not just on a website.  Well, we’ve been working on that and we’re finally done.  But first we thought we’d enter the first part of our book in the KidLit Contest, where writers can enter up to 500 words of their manuscript for a review by a real agent.  What’s so cool about this – writing a book may be kind of hard, but getting an agent – that is someone to represent your work is even harder.  So we’re hoping this tips the scales in our favor.  Oh and if anyone out there has there own novel that’s ready to go, you too can enter the Kidlit Contest – but get hopping – need to get in there by January 31st, 2010.