Should You Forgive Your BFF? – Part 2

best-friends-foreverHey GirlMoguls, it’s Lily again, dishing on the BFF scene.  Did you read my last post where I talked about how my BFF since babyhood Mina totally ditched me for Popular Penny and her crew?  Well she did, and I was totally over it, but then guess what happened….

If you guessed that Popular Penny and her crew were not to be trusted and totally turned on Mina then guess what… you’re right. See that can be the problem with trying to be part of the popular crew –seems like those girls are always getting into fights and drama over silly things – and getting mad at each other.  And saying mean things about everyone else.  And making other people feel bad, just to get a laugh.  If that’s popularity, then I say no thanks.

Well, soon Mina found herself on the outs with Penny and her crew.  She looked really sad and upset hanging around school.  She even texted me a few times but I kinda of ignored her.  Finally she corned me at Candi-A-Rama right by the mini red Swedish fish and asked if we could talk.

Mina apologized to me for ditching me and for not defending me.  Turns out she was trying to get Penny to like her.   Well, duh.  And now she’s seen Penny for who she really is, and doesn’t want to be friends with her.  Of course when I asked a few of my probing questions, it also turns out that Penny doesn’t really want to be friends with her either anymore.

And now Mina wants to be friends with me again…She brought up all the fun stuff we used to do and all the memories we shared  — like the backyard campout where my brother tried to scare us by hooting like an owl.  And other stuff – my heart strings were really tugged.  But I still wasn’t sure.  I mean could I trust Mina?  After all she ditched me once.  And since I stopped hanging out with her I had met lots of other cool girls and we had a lot of fun – and so far very little drama.  I didn’t want to lose all of that just to go back to hanging with Mina 24-7…

So, fellow GirlMoguls – what would you do?  Would you take a friend back after you’d been ditched?  Could you trust her?  Or would you ditch her just like she ditched you?  Let me know what you think…and then I will tell you what I did…

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Should You Take Back Your BFF?

Should Your Forgive Your Best Friend?
Should Your Forgive Your Best Friend?

Hey Girls – it’s GirlMogul Lily here with more BFF advice.   It seems as we go through school, friend stuff gets more and more complicated.  I mean, like wouldn’t it be easier if you could just know that you could always count on your friends.  I mean with the other GirlMoguls, I feel like they have my back, but I remember last year something totally uncool happened between me and my friend Mina.  Mina and I have been friends since like forever.  We totally met in baby gymnastics and it seemed like we were inseparable since.  We even went to the same school too, but that’s when the trouble began…

Last fall, when we started school, all of a sudden it seemed like Mina couldn’t stop talking about this girl Penny.  She and Penny had met at the pool club over the summer – while I was at camp, and they had hung out and really hit off.  At first I was happy for Mina – I mean I was glad she wasn’t moping around all summer.  But I was worried.  Penny is one of those girls – totally popular and always surrounded by a group of friends – totally not the nicest girls either if you know what I mean.

I was afraid that once we got back to school and Penny was surrounded by all her old cronies she would drop Mina like that.  I was all prepared to offer a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, but the total opposite happened.

It seemed like Penny and Mina were totally inseparable!  And now Mina was part of Penny’s clique.  And I was the one left wondering where I was going to sit and lunch.  Then Mina began avoiding me out of school. One time I caught her breaking plans to go to the mall with me to go over and have “spa-cials” at Penny’s house.  Ooooo – I was so mad.

And then it turned out that Penny was saying mean things about me – calling me desperate and a hanger on, and a goody-two shoes.  Instead of defending me, Mina laughed right along with everyone else.  Boy did that really burn me up.  So what did I do?  Ok so,  I went home and had a really good cry.  I rallied.  I called one of my other friends and asked her to go kick the soccer ball with me.  And I kept my distance from Mina.  But I kept my mouth shut.  And before long, I was making new friends and having a great time.  Sure I missed Mina, but I wasn’t moping around – or trying to make her hang out with me…

But you’ll never guess what happened….to be continued….Check out Part II here

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GirlMogul Lily

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