Donating Hair: Before the Cut

We have something cool for you – our friend Nina has decided to donate her hair to to help cancer patients – we’re letting her tell you about the experience in her own words:

locks-of-love1Hey GirlMoguls – I have big news for you! I have decided to donate my hair to an organization called Locks of Love, because they make wigs for cancer patients who can’t afford them. Donating your hair can change someone’s life, because so many people need wigs and human hair wigs are not only very expensive, they are also not as available as fake ones.

So, since my hair is long, I’ve decided to donate it! I know my hair can and will grow back, so I decided to donate it to help someone else out. I wanted to talk to you all about the thought process though. I mean, it’s hard to just cut off that much. Locks of Love needs ponytails or braids that measure a minimum of 10 inches (the longest layer). That’s a whole lot of hair!

I think that hardest part of this process is being confident enough to cut that length of hair off. I’ve never had short hair, and I’m so used to the way my looks and is styled. But, I think I have to be mentally ready for a change. Who knows? I might actually like short hair better than long hair! Plus, it can always grow back if I don’t. I think it’s healthy and fun to take a risk, especially when it benefits someone else in such a huge way. I might learn something about myself, like what I like and what I don’t like. Also, with short hair, there is more concentration on the face. I think that by cutting my hair, I may end up gaining some self-esteem and being more confident. What girl doesn’t want that?

So, GirlMoguls, make sure to check back for the “After” look of the haircut, and to hear about the experience! I can’t wait to share the whole experience with you. Check out my “Before” pictures, and go to for more info on the charity!

Posted by our friend Nina Ahuja