DIY Craft for Tweens – Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

make-it-rubyHey GirlMoguls – it’s our friend Make it Ruby back with another DIY project – a totally fab, easy and cheap (but not cheap looking) birthday present for your BFF!  So check out this week’s project from Make it Ruby – and don’t forget to head on over to her own site and check out even more fun DIY crafts.

DIY Craft - Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet
DIY Craft - Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

“Happy B-day Candy Bouquet”

Ruby’s Tool Kit: small flower pot, gift cards, tissue paper, floral foam, plastic fork, construction paper, candy, hot glue gun, Safety First: Always have an adult supervise when using a hot glue gun

1. Repurpose a small flower pot. Hole punch an assortment of gift cards & thread pretty ribbon through it.

2. Secure ribbon to the flower pot with hot glue. Place a small block of floral foam in the pot. Cover it with tissue paper & fill the pot with candy.

3. Make a B-day card out of construction paper & use plastic fork to display it. This gift makes for a sweet treat!