How I Wish I had been a Girl Scout

GirlScouts ad.jpg

The above is a new ad for the newer hipper Girl Scouts.  I wrote about their image makeover yesterday and I thought I would spend a few posts exploring the Girl Scouts.

First off – I regret not being a scout – maybe it was all cooking and cookies when I was the right age, but it’s not any more.  The Girl Scouts are really promoting leadership and business skills.  They have partnered with Angela and Vanessa Simmons (daughters of Run DMC who is now a reverend) to promote business skills.  Here is their part of the site  so you can check them out for yourself.  Apparently, Run has an MTV reality show, Run’s House.  Sounds like the exact opposite of Meet the Osbornes (thank goodness).

Tomorrow – I’ll be looking at more of the Girl Scout programs and talking about them.  As always – anyone involved with the Girl Scouts – please post – I would love to know what you think about this new partnership with MTV reality TV stars – is it good or bad – is the show itself something that is inspiring and encouraging to girls?