Encouraging math and science skills in girls…& help them make more money?

Some thoughts on an interesting article in the WSJ about the diversity gap in America’s workplace.  So while this election year is shaping up to be very diverse, apparently the same old story abound in corporate America – less women and minorities, especially in the upper tiers.
The article notes that women still make 77% less than men (for every dollar) and that there are many well document and not so well documented theories to account for that:  Women take time off to raise families and care for aged parents, thus never achieving he continuous experience level of men of comparable ages and education levels, or they don’t demand raises with the same frequency as men, or they don’t train for the high paying jobs in the same levels as men.  
Old news.  What is new news is this: “The wage gap persists among young women who have more education than men their age. Last year, 45% of women ages 25 to 34 had a college degree, compared with 36% of young men. But women’s median earnings overall were 14% lower, according to an analysis of recent Census Bureau data by Timothy Casey, a senior staff attorney at Legal Momentum, a New York advocacy group. Again, the gap may partly reflect that far fewer women than men major in engineering, business and other fields leading to high-paying jobs. Still, it is a reminder of how girls need to be encouraged to recognize their math and science abilities.” (From the Carol Hymowitz WSJ article.
So girls, glad we’re on the right trend here at GirlMogul.  Tell your girl that education is key and that math and science are great subjects.  If there is ever, ever a spark of interest in math or science, let your girl pursue – the Math team is just as good as the dance team.  And don’t forget to teach them to stand up for themselves – – from how much they’re going to earn for a baby sitting job to getting extra help for homework.

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