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Saving Hannah – Or How to Rewrite History – a GirlMogul Adventure

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Chapter 1

HannahfinalFrontRose Lewis, head held high, eyes narrowed, totally zoned in on her objective, started across the ordinary beige carpet of the main meeting room in Weston City’s central library. Today was her day, she thought, as she surveyed the groups of other girls. She’d already selected her target toward the far end of the room: four other girls, casually if fashionably dressed, with a nice smattering of designer labels among them. Her kind of girls. The kind she’d been looking for for weeks. Maybe her mother was right. This stupid camp might be the perfect way to “meet people” and get a life here in boring ole Weston.

All she had to do was walk across the floor, coo something welcoming, like “love the fringe on your bag, is it an O’Kelly?”, which she knew it wasn’t, but the blonde with the blue eyes would be flattered, and she would be in. Hopefully the girl had a pool and a steady ride to the mall. With a deep breath, Rose began her campaign, threading her way among the tables and the scattered junk on the floor of the crowded room.

She was almost there when it happened. A lone book bag appeared out of nowhere and Rose couldn’t stop herself tripping over it. Her arms wind-milled in an effort to keep upright, but she was too late. She just about careened into someone, who neatly sidestepped her falling body and grabbed the back of her shirt just in time to keep her from hitting the floor. A pencil slid out of her backpack and rolled slowly across the carpet as a ripple of giggles spread through the room.

The girl she’d almost taken down pulled her upright.

“Caught you,” she said cheerfully as Rose felt the burn of embarrassment crawl up her face. Her rescuer swept her gaze around pointedly, stopping at the table of the girl with the fringed bag, where laughter and smirks abounded. Under her cool look, it evaporated.

Scooping up the stray pencil, Rose’s new friend handed it back to Rose and kept walking as if nothing had happened. “Let’s go here,” she said.

Good reflexes, cool under pressure, Rose sketched in her head as she quickly scanned the other girl. Dark brown face, brown hair, and a friendly smile. Simple khaki capris, light pink cropped polo.  Pink and white sneakers and a gray messenger bag slung over her shoulder. No visible logos, but Rose was sure she’d seen the same shirt in a magazine the other day.  No artfully fringed bag, but this could be ok.  She let herself be led in the direction of one small table right by the window toward the back of the room.

The table was quiet, at least relatively. Two empty chairs and two filled chairs. Rose looked around quickly, hoping for an escape, but all the other tables were filled. Ok, so maybe being fashionably late hadn’t been the best strategy.  Rose swallowed, unsure what to do next.

In front of her at the table, one girl with short, spiky black hair, kind of punkish, was slumped in her chair, head bent over a small plastic box. She muttered under her breath and made a twisted face. It was, Rose realized, not a plastic box, but a computer, one of the smallest she had ever seen. And she was using it to play video games. The other girl at the table, with toffee-colored skin and dark brown hair, was glancing around and jotting notes in a purple-and-white marble notebook.

Neither appeared to take any notice of the other, and neither one of them appeared to have noticed Rose’s fall. She threw a quick look over her shoulder. Nope, there was no way she could go back to Blondie with the fringe bag, who was still smirking and giggling with her friends at the other table. Her Approach and Flatter Plan wasn’t going to work. Time for Plan B.

“Hi,” Rose’s new friend said brightly, slipping into a seat across from the girl playing video games. Her head raised a fraction of an inch, but other than that, she didn’t acknowledge her. The other one, the writer, who wore a crisp white blouse and a pair of jeans, smiled at them but said nothing.

“I’m Lily Evans.” Silence.

And then the girl in the white blouse offered a smile and a wave. “I’m Poppy Diaz.”

“Nice to meet you, Poppy. This is…” Lily turned to Rose. “Hey, I don’t know your name. My mom says I’m always talking too much and I never give anyone a chance to get a word in edgewise.”

“I’m Rose Lewis,” Rose answered, but her voice sounded soft and rusty, as if she didn’t use it much, so she cleared her throat and said again, firmly, “I’m Rose.”

“Funny, I thought it might be Fall Girl.” The fourth girl, with the spiky hair and the computer, finally spoke. She didn’t bother to look up, and Rose felt the slow flush of embarrassment start at her neck and creep up her face. So her little incident hadn’t gone unnoticed, even over here.

Then the girl muttered a word that Rose wasn’t supposed to say, ever. All three of them, Rose, Poppy, and Lily, stared at her, and finally she looked up.

“So what’s your name?” Lily asked the spiky-haired girl, and for the first time Rose saw she was definitely not smiling.  There was no doubt as to who Lily was speaking to, but still the other girl didn’t answer. Instead, a slow, sly grin spread over her face and the silence remained.
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Saving Hannah: Or How to Rewrite History

Hey GirlMoguls – get our latest adventure – Saving Hannah features hidden diaries, underground societies and secret that will blow the city of Weston out of the water. And the reviews are rolling in – and they love it – so don’t delay – snag a copy for you or your tween today!

Here’s what reviewers are saying about the book: This is the perfect book for your mystery-loving tween girl.”

” This story is filled with strong role models for girls in the form of relatable characters. You really end up rooting for the Girl Moguls.

ABCD Diaries gives “Saving Hannah…Or How To Rewrite History” an A+!!


HannahfinalFrontAvailable as a paperback or Kindle ebook on Amazon…. Best Seller – Can the new girl in town discover the secret of the missing diary before she dies of boredom? MeetRose, a true city girl who’s not happy when her parents decide to start an organic cheese farm, which transplants her from Manhattan to rural Weston.

The only thing lamer is being forced to take part in a contest sponsored by the Minerva Society for Leadership as a way to “meet people” – but the grand prize is a trip back to New York City. Her teammates in the challenge are Poppy, a science geek, Daisy, a bad girl gamer, and Lily, an overachieving know-it-all. With Daisy and Lily at each others throats and Poppy clueless, Rose figures she’ll have to do it all if she wants to get back to the Big Apple.


But when she recovers an old diary in the Weston library, the girls soon find they old the key to uncovering a century old mystery.

Can the GirlMoguls figure out how to work together long enough to outsmart the mayor, rival teams for the prize,the sinister Gray Lady and unravel the mystery behind the secret diary? Will they be able to rewrite history and save Hannah?


What’s Fun about Being the New Girl at School

What's Fun About Being the New Girl At School

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Rose here, and there was a time when I was the new girl, and let me tell it was no fun – all I wanted to do was to be back at my old school, in my old town, with my old friends.  But since New York City is like a million miles away from good ‘ole Weston, my new hood, it was pretty unlikely that I was going to see my new friends anytime soon.  So here I was…the New Girl in town…and if you are too, you can use this 4 part strategy to start your new life…

  1. Keep an open mind – It’s easy to think that the grass was always greener in your old school and home.  You were used to it and life felt good – and comfortable.  You might be inclined to dwell on how it used to be…but that can make you a real drag to be around.  And trust me, if you go about comparing how much cooler your old school was to your new one, umm, pretty much no one will be interested in being friends with you…So before you start your first day, tell yourself that your new school is going to be WAY COOLER than your old one – keep telling yourself this and your mind will believe it – and you’ll be ready for the new adventure.
  2. All the World’s the Stage – as the new girl, people will be wondering what kind of person you are.   And all they’ll have to go on is what you show them. Now I am not talking about a total re-invention here.  But if you have always wanted to be bubbly and outgoing, but really are a bit of a shy girl, well now’s the time to start being bubbly and outgoing.  Smile and say hello, strike up conversations.  After all, no one here knows you were a shy girl at your old school.  Now, don’t try to be someone you’re not – ‘cause that never works for long.  Just picture your best self – and try to be that person during the first few weeks.
  3. Don’t be a wallflower – get out and say hello.  Sometimes being the new girl means that you’ll get a lot of attention and it will be easy to meet new people.   Other times, being the new girls means, well not a whole lot.  So if the kids at your new school aren’t coming up and introducing themselves to you, don’t worry – take the initiative – but don’t try too hard.  Just smile, say hello and try making some short conversations or small talk with the friendliest kids.
  4. Be patient – You don’t find new BFFs overnight – usually.  So be patient and let friendships grow.  Try to be friendly to as many people as possible and get a sense for who they are – it might turn out that the group you wanted to be friends isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.   It might take a while to find your spot – but you will find it – and find out that maybe you belonged there all along.

The first Adventures of the GirlMoguls

The Adventures of the GirlMoguls
The Adventures of the GirlMoguls
Hey Girls – guess what – we’re so excited. We’re just about ready to release our first book – Saving Hannah, a GirlMogul Adventure Story – yup – it’s our first book and it’s all about how we become the GirlMoguls. It’s going to be out real soon, available here, on and at bookstores all over – so get set, get ready and get pumped! We’ll keep you posted!

Yup – you heard it here – the GirlMoguls have their very own book – and you can buy it here. And yes, it’s a real book, with a real cover and real paper…

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An engaging tween novel by Andrea Stein, Saving Hannah is the sort of book that encourages girls to think beyond reality television and fruit-flavored lip-gloss. Meet Rose, her parents decide to start an organic farm, which transplants her from Manhattan to rural Weston. She’s not happy about this until she takes part in a contest sponsored by the Atlas Institute for Leadership-the grand prize is a trip to New York City. Her teammates in the challenge are Poppy, a science geek, Daisy, a bad girl gamer, and Lily, an overachieving know-it-all. With her eye on the Big Apple, Rose recovers a diary in the library that clears a founding member of Weston of wrongdoings and learns that each of her new gal pals brings something to the table to outsmart the mayor, rival teams, and the cagey Dr. Smith who concocted the entire contest as a plot that’s anything but civic-minded. This debut is first in a series about their girl power adventures.

Recommended for Ages 9-12.


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