Welcome to GirlMogul.com, a blog about mogul money moves for moms and families.  


I'm Andrea, the girlmogul. Why? To be honest, I thought it sounded like a cool name and reflected my obsession since a kid with why some people had more money and seemed more successful than others. 

When I was in my early 20s, I read the Millionaire Next Door, because one of the authors was my professor. Anyway...mind blown.

If you haven't read the book I'll give you a brief summary - the basic premise was that most millionaires weren't born that way  - they were self-made. And most had made their money in boring to normal jobs, careers or small businesses, and by playing great economic defense, they saved more money than they spend, invested the difference.


Sounds simple, right? I tried that approach, and for a while, when I was single, and then just married, it worked, sort of. But not really. Somehow we always seemed to have more month than money, even though we both had jobs,

Add kids into the fix and by the time I was forty or so I was broke, flabby and frumpy. I had a dead end job, a hobby writing romance novels that seemed to cost more money than I ever made and a deep feeling that I had failed.

Now, on the one hand, I had a college and graduate degree, a strong marriage, an ok job, a house, two cars, three healthy kids and pretty decent health insurance. 

But like I said, I was always worried about money (I was the family CEO, since I have a business degree) and I KNEW that for all of our hard work, we shouldn't have had as much credit card debt, or that awful feeling of robbing one hand to feed the other.

So I decided to make some changes. To get smart with money. To screw the patriarchy and become the mogul I deserved. 

I was going to get rich...which led to a couple of failed business ventures and even more debt.

I decided it was time to go back to the basics - on a lot of counts. But the most important and foundational step was to go back to basics.

MONEY HONEY. Screw happiness...well in any case I was pretty sure not worrying about money every month until payday came would make me a lot happier, and a nicer person.

Forget following my passion. My purpose was in being a great wife, mother and financial steward of the money we did have.

Like I said, back to the basics. While we had always done pretty good offense on the money part, we need to seriously ramp up our DEFENSE - and get into a solid, financial first spot.


I realized that I was like a CFO - chief financial officer, and that I had been doing a crappy job. It was time to start treating the money we made like income and allocating toward growing our (family) business.


And that's what girlmogul is about - tools, stories and advice on how to build a foundation of wealth for you and your loved ones. By understanding that you (or you and your partner) are the CEO of a corporation- your family - and that like a good CEO and steward, you can and should make solid financial choices.



Project manager, Bookkeeper, romance author (failed) and money blogger.


The best way to reach me - andrea@girlmogul.com - I do read all the emails, but give me some time to get back to you!