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GirlMogul Budget Binder PLUS Money Moxie Workbook

GirlMogul Budget Binder PLUS Money Moxie Workbook

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The GirlMogul Budget Binder - Everything you need to Budget like a Pro!

What You Get:

A downloadable printable budget binder PLUS a Money Mastery Workbook

  •  Our deluxe budget binder download - 40+ pages that help you track
  • income
  • expenses
  • monthly bills
  • savings goals
  • credit cards 
  • Net Worth


50+ pages of Budgeting HOW TO and Money Mindset Worksheets


  • A step by step guide to budgeting
  • Spending Leaks - What they are, how to find them and PLUG them for good
  • What is your money mindset - Are you a mogul or a frugal?
  • What are your money goals -The WHAT, WHO, WHY you're doing this
  • Plan the Work, Work the Plan - I'll walk you through setting up a REALISTIC spending plan that works for YOU and YOUR FAMILY
  • MOGUL MINDSET - how to build a fortress of WEALTH to protect you and your family for the Long Term!
  • In 5 YEARS  -- where do you want to be (financially) in 5 years - nothing is off the table and this workbook will help you prioritize your family's spending and saving

A Holistic Approach: Our budget planner goes beyond just numbers. It incorporates sections for reflection, gratitude, and personal growth. By nurturing a positive mindset and celebrating small victories along the way, you'll feel empowered and motivated to achieve your financial dreams.


The Budget Binder & FREE BONUS Money Moxie Workbook are instant downloads - as soon as you complete your order, you get access to start working on your money moxie ASAP. 

You can work through it on your phone or computer or print it out and fill it out- it's your money, honey!

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